Tapjoy Product To Deliver App Data In Near Real-Time

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Tapjoy Inc., a San Francisco-based mobile advertising and publishing platform, and Kontagent, mobile customer intelligence solution, have released their new offering, the Kontagent Partner Edition, available exclusively through Tapjoy.

Starting immediately, publishers and advertisers who partner with Tapjoy will have access to the Kontagent Partner Edition, a best-in-class analytics solution that delivers app data in near real-time.

Developers and advertisers can use the solution to gain crucial insights into their apps, and subsequently use those insights to create better experiences, optimize user acquisition campaigns and maximize monetization efforts.

“For developers and advertisers, we now offer a single source for a best-in-class advertising platform from Tapjoy and best-in-class analytics from Kontagent,” says Mihir Shah, Tapjoy CEO. “For developers and advertisers looking to integrate an advertising platform and analytics into their mobile apps, there’s no better option in the industry.”

The partnership between in-app data and analytics is critical for mobile content providers, and every developer and advertiser can build better experiences with a data-driven design model. With this partnership, Tapjoy and Kontagent plan to help developers of all sizes use important data to increase engagement and monetization.

“In the highly competitive space of mobile apps, developers and advertisers are fighting for consumers’ mind and wallet share,” says Jeff Tseng, Kontagent CEO.

“We’ve entered into partnerships with industry leaders such as Facebook and Tapjoy because Kontagent is committed to providing visibility and transparency in the mobile ecosystem, and we want to extend our powerful solutions to these communities. Whether you’re an advertiser, small studio or a large publisher, you need access to in-app data in order to understand how to present the right offer to the right user at the right time. Many fledgling developers are not yet able to afford our enterprise solution, but we hope that by using the Partner Edition, they learn how to leverage data to grow their businesses.”

Kontagent’s existing customers will continue to have access to Kontagent kSuite Enterprise, a robust, customizable mobile analytics solution, which is available by subscription. Advertisers and developers on the Tapjoy network who upgrade to Kontagent kSuite Enterprise will also have access to additional, best-in-class features, like on-call data specialists to provide deeper insights, CSM/support-assisted onboarding, and fully customizable dashboards.

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