Apple’s Dynamic Location-Based Signage Patent Application

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Here is an application from Apple for a patent ‘Dynamic Location-Based Signage‘…

Provisional Application 61/488,696 filed back in May, Application Number 13/476,756, Publication Number US 2012/0296777 A1 on 22 Nov 2012.

Full patent application details (via PDF) here.

2 Responses to “Apple’s Dynamic Location-Based Signage Patent Application”

  1. Hanley Jobs Says:

    The only pieces here without reams of prior art are the diagrams of Apple stores (6 tables and a Genius Bar). That this even got to the the stage of being published speaks clearly to the incompetence of the patent examiner. Really, Apple? Three guys write an iPad app for the stores and they invented networked digital signage, wayfinding and touchscreen product kiosks?

  2. DazzaBT Says:

    Think I’ll apply for a patent for a premises in which customers can enter and view numerous goods for sale, then purchase the chosen goods with something called ‘money’ either physically or via electronic transfer. In fact, has anyone got a patent on money yet?

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