@Mediplay’s Scott Donley Latest 2 Apply 4 Patent

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Mediplay is a digital signage system built uniquely for medical practices, it’s described as “Engaging motion graphics and text are displayed (without audio) on a TV in the waiting room”.

Pioneering? Well you would need to decide but the latest hacker to try it on with a patent is Scott Donley.

United States Patent Application #20120324342 ‘Methods, Systems, and Computer Program Products for Generating a Media Presentation for Digital Signage‘ is described as “A method of generating a media presentation includes receiving a request to create a template, the template comprising a page, receiving a selection of a layout from a plurality of layouts for the page, the layout specifying positions of display windows on the page, and saving the template”.

Filed June 14, 2012, published December 20, 2012.

3 Responses to “@Mediplay’s Scott Donley Latest 2 Apply 4 Patent”

  1. Art Pryor Says:

    Sure does not look like an invention to me. Templates existed already. Multiple zones existed already. Maybe he created a nice side app to his CMS, but its all from prior art. Titillating pics on the home page though, cheers!

  2. Jon Hock Says:

    Durpity dee!

  3. Scott Says:

    If it looks like a duck quakes like a duck it’s usually a duck. Patent what? A big waste of time. What a jokster and they chargeoney for this?

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