Is This How Goldman Sachs Do Market Research?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

If you pay Goldman Sachs huge amounts of money for their research into the digital signage market then be aware that they, like many others wanting to get a quick understanding of the market, end up trying to do it on the cheap…


I work with Goldman Sachs and read your post Top 30 Digital Signage Software Vendors. I am doing some work around this market, the size of the software piece specifically, and was wondering if you might have some time for a call with me tomorrow to discuss because it seems you have a great sense of things! Would be super helpful if you are available!

Let me know,

Goldman, Sachs, & Co. | GS Growth

Emails and requests for quick conference calls such as this seem to be stock in trade these days for those pretending to do ‘proper research’.

10 Responses to “Is This How Goldman Sachs Do Market Research?”

  1. Jorge Garcia de Bustos Says:

    Let me guess your standard response: What is your budget? Shall I send you a quote with my standard retainer fee?

  2. Phil Cohen Says:

    And this is EXACTLY the kind of crapola we have been dished over the years. A bowl of Q&A pablum called “Research” steak.

  3. Lou Giacalone, Jr. Says:

    I got invited to participate in a survey through an online mechanism for $50 and it was almost all misguided multiple choice questions. Whom the data was being collected for is unknown, but wouldn’t surprise me if it was the same folks. Alas the joke is on us all, as this amateur grade “industry activity” keeps delaying serious shakedowns that need to happen. –Lou

  4. Gerard Barrow Says:

    Are you referring to shaking down the vendors to pay for an “independent review” by “impartial” consultants, Lou?

  5. Joe Fritzl Says:

    Reminds me of Frost & Sullivans approach

  6. Lou Giacalone, Jr. Says:

    Ooh, nice zinger Gerard. Do I know you? Because clearly you don’t know me. I am quite independent and impartial, as those who do know me will attest. I have ZERO ownership interest, nor am I retained by any SW company, for well over a year now. And yes, real research and reviews take resources to accomplish – which is why there is so little available to those interested in learning about our market. At least I’m proposing a way forward, as opposed to just poking at folks. 🙂 Happy holidays to all! –Lou

  7. Gerard Barrow Says:

    We’ve not met. Whilst you may not appreciate my humour, we can agree that the research method described in the post is not likely to produce credible results. Surely we can also agree that vendor supported research projects (and especially product reviews) are by definition not independent, regardless of who undertakes them.

  8. Dolly Parton sleeping on her back Says:

    Gerard, Lou did not shakedown Coolsign for one dime when selecting them during his time at Titan !

  9. Gerard Barrow Says:

    It seems that actions do indeed speak louder than words. Merry Christmas, Dolly.

  10. Industry SW CEO Says:

    You know they called/emailed and left me several messages. I don’t know which part of “I’m sorry, we no longer contribute to any market research studies” is so difficult to understand

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