The Top 25 Digital Signage Software Vendors

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We first put together a list of the Top 10 Digital Signage Software Vendors back in December 2007 (in two parts, as it needed some initial explanation; Part 1 here and Part 2 here) and continued producing an annual list up until 2013 when we stopped (or should I say “paused”) – figuring it had somehow outgrown its usefulness.

reggieTop25However, we did promise at that time, that our next attempt at a list would involve more of a breakdown by vertical sector and that is what we have done here (to a degree) – rather than have a separate top five or  six per individual category (for example; DOOH, FIDS, billboards, video walls, corporate communication, education, retail, stadiums etc., etc.) we’ve listed (yes, in order) vendors who we’ve met and have gone through their products in some detail and / or products that we’ve actually used on real-world projects, and attempted to sum up the sectors we think they are best suited for or indeed, aimed at.

With a 1,000+ me-too digital signage software products out there (see our full list in The Software Holocron here) this is a starting place for your next RFP (and please, if you are considering writing another piece of digital signage software don’t!!!). No list is going to be absolutely correct, nor will everyone agree with our rankings but as we said back in 2007, it’s a start and needs to be done.

Our Top 25 Digital Signage Software Vendors in order (with 2013’s #DSTop10 position in parentheses), is as follows: -

  1. BroadSign (1)
    Many people, including us, in the past, have tended to dismiss BroadSign as a one trick wonder – focussing purely (as they have done very well) on Ad Based Networks (they of course won the JCDecaux business back in 2011) but we’ve seen of late a number of wins in retail and some great installs in an area that we ourselves love working in, that of corporate foyers, atriums and reception areas.  If you aren’t an Ad Based Network or Media Owner then there is no longer any reason to ignore them.  We think BroadSign is starting to fit the bill no matter what your Digital Signage network needs are.
    It’s hard to ignore any vendor that can boast of some of the very largest digital signage networks out there and when that is coupled with demanding brands such as McDonalds you know that someone sensible has done their technical due diligence well.  Whilst we wouldn’t use STRATATACHE for a large video wall install, Ad Based Network or in education (not niched enough for the first two and probably ‘overkill’ for the latter) for any really big network involving Stadiums, Retail, Retail Banking, Corporate Communications or QSR they would be a good candidate.
  3. Ayuda Media Systems (5)
    Here’s a company that has a nice vertical focus AND is very likely going to stick to it.  When they started they focussed purely on Out of Home – building very, very clever ERP software that managed the huge traditional inventories of the largest OOH Media Owners across the world – all the while adding in clever digital elements to their offering.  Whilst BroadSign will most likely add to the sectors they play in – Ayuda will concentrate on the area they know best.  Both strategies have merit and it really is A vs B if you are a media owner looking for a software platform – your choice is simple, you either want a top to bottom, souptonuts solution in which case you will choose Ayuda or you want a digital signage software solution that you will do your own integration around – in which case you choose BroadSign.  In this vertical, a decision is very easy.
  4. Signagelive (4)
    Jason Cremins and his team continue to punch well above their weight.  Here’s another company that plays extremely well in almost all of the verticals you can image – you could call them the swiss army knife of digital signage. Jason probably had far too much of a love-in a few years back for Samsung but he is one of the only industry CEOs who has seemingly got his cloud software strategy spot-on – deals with Samsung for SoC were followed by support for LG’s WebOS and Google Chrome OS and (hats off) he also got the hang of open source very early on.  His vision and his strategy will drive the business to new heights and we’d thoroughly recommend Signagelive for use in retail, QSR, hospitality, video walls, education, corporate communications and transport. Watch out for them to be one of the first to really get the hang of the ‘apps’ marketplace.
  5. Scala (6)
    Scala still has the best known brand out there in the industry. It is rightly the first software vendor that is chosen and written down, no matter what the RFP is for.  It’s a jack-of-all-trades and (still) master of most of them.  Caveat: despite it being the software that runs more digital billboards in the world that any other vendor we still wouldn’t choose it for an Ad Based Network – the investment in the ad technology that was needed to keep up with the likes of Ayuda and BroadSign just wasn’t there.  However, for perhaps EVERY other industry vertical you can possibly think of, it would be in the top three of any list. We use it a lot ourselves for our big video wall projects. Whilst, the current leadership and its board seem to see it’s focus and future being in retail, it is hugely popular in QSR, Employee Communications, Hospitality and Education.
  6. Amscreen†
    Proving that you no longer need to be a die hard software vendor to play in this space; Lord Sugar’s Amscreen – ostensibly an M2M acquisition that turned into a media company but is fast becoming one of the most important solutions providers in the UK has a major role to play in ad-based, retail , QSR, hospitality and corporate communications.  Unlike many of the software vendors here, Amscreen Digital Solutions can provide a full turnkey solution, offering a one-stop shop of hardware, software, connectivity, operations and even ‘media’ if you want it. If more of the Digital Signage Software vendors operated like Amscreen they’d all likely make more money.
  7. Barco’s X2O
    We’ve always loved Montreal based X2O and we’ve loved it even more since it was acquired by Barco.  X2O was always our favourite vendor for corporate communication style installs – especially anything involving the boardroom!  Pre-Barco acquisition, X2O always had a few hidden gems of installs of its own – some big retail and some hospitality rollouts that were either kept quiet or simply not publicised BUT with Barco behind them now we have seen a lot more product marketing emphasis on both the retail and advertising sectors.  Whilst Barco continue to push the product at running large billboards – quite simply something we would NOT do, the solution is perfect in retail and TRULY EXCELLENT in corporate communications.
  8. NEOCAST (from Real Digital Media) (3)
    Ken Goldberg and his development team have continued to beaver away down in Florida creating one of the best software solutions for QSR and Digital Menu Boards.  they’ve also (bizarrely – especially considering our earlier comments on A vs B) got a pretty good handle should anyone need a third opinion on Ad Based Networks.
  9. Net Display Systems PADS
    PADS is the best solution for Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS) and probably the most widely used as well BUT but its also good for corporate communications and of course (because of the FIDS connotation) pretty handy at Video Walls.
  10. ONELAN (7)
    Great for education, good for retail and they’ve been busy innovating around room reservation as well.
  11. RMG Enterprise Solutions (nee Symon Communications, Inc.)
    Symon is back!  Well nearly anyway.  Pre-RMG Networks acquisition, Symon were the undisputed king of the contact centre and had an edge on many in corporate communications.  A confused takeover meant that good management and staff left and they lost their way.  With newly promoted to CTO, Rick Mattock now fully in charge, watch out for them to do what they should always have done = focus on corporate communication software like no-other!
  12. YCD Multimedia (8)
    YCD were pioneers in retail (and it’s not often you can say the word ‘pioneer’ in our industry with a straight face) and pushed the boundaries in how digital merchandising could be managed (and more importantly reported) with products like RAMP. With the acquisition of C-Nario in 2011 they also got hold of one of the early go-to companies in software video wall installations.  We’d happily recommend them for retail, large billboard and complicated video wall installations.
  13. Four Winds Interactive (10)
    Often accused of arrogance, FWi have actually built a nice business focussed initially in the casino and hospitality sectors but have more recently branched out (yes, their is a pun coming) with Retail Banking and retail as a whole.  FWi are one of the better full solutions’ providers out there – offering as they do content and network management as well as just software.
  14. Adflow Networks
    dflow could do more to advertise some of the great stuff they do in Canada and parts of North America.  We’d use ‘em in retail and they seem especially good at kiosk interactions as well.
  15. DISE
    Swedish based DISE have a great business in retail in Asia but are much less known it would seem in Europe.  They are the masters of Digital Escalator Panels (DEPs) and we would thoroughly recommend them for complicated video wall installations as well.
  16. Reflect Systems
    Dallas based Reflect Systems have quietly gone about building up a solid business.  Rumour that they are about to acquire others won’t go away. Like FWi they’ve also built up a nice business in hospitality and in retail.
  17. Omnivex (9)
    Managed most of the time, it would seem to us, that they are just itching to be acquired by Microsoft (wouldn’t we all?), here’s a company that continually undersells itself.  They have some mighty fine deployments around the world and one of the leaders in data-driven large scale video walls.
  18. Navori QL
    Bigger perhaps in North American than in Europe, Swiss based Navori, despite struggling with Francogeddon, have continued to make strides in retail, education and wayfinding.
  19. Nanonation
    Think Kiosks, think Interactive Digital Signage, think North America and you’ve got Nanonation.  We also like their creative arm but have yet to see them deploy systems anywhere outside North America (to be fair, that is true of many of the vendors on this list)
  20. Hiperwall
    We’ve still only ever met one employee – the CEO Jeff Greenberg (he seems to be the ONLY one who ever mans exhibit stands) despite having been to their Irving office and worked with them closely on some large 13k video walled projects.  However, this university spin-off is, despite what Tim Gryffindor from Useless Systems says to the contrary, the unparalleled software leader in throwing pixels at walls.
  21. Mermaid vTouch Pro
    Acquired by MultiQ in April 2015 these guys have probably been best known for their work in transport and the public sector.  If you want a screen on a bus, talk to them.
  22. Visix
    Wayfinding. Pure and simple. If you want a way finding or employee communications product then these folks are good.
  23. Grassfish
    Vienna based Grassfish made a splash many years ago with rumoured deals with Cisco.  Many vendors, including a lot of our now and previous top tens, saw them competing capably for many of the same (big) deals.  They went into their own shell a bit but have some back fighting and definitely a vendor to watch.
  24. ZetaDisplay
    If you are looking for a software solution in Scandinavia, the unrivalled vendor in the region (yes, despite Scala’s roots in Norway) is ZetaDisplay.  They out-PR everyone and pretty much a jack of all trades but with a specific focus on (and big wins in) retail, banking and supermarkets.
  25. NCR NetKey
    More famous for kiosk software than anything and with multipe NCR software acquisitions under its belt, NetKey just about manages to make it on our list of 25 software vendors we’d work with.  If you are serious about retail then they deserve a look especially if you want some form of kiosk integration as well.

There’s no room on our (recommended) list above for 121View, Acquire, Cayin, Cisco DMS (sorry we mean Appspace), ComQi, DGScreen (now in liquidation), Haivision’s CoolSign, MediaTile, Noventri, Park Media, Ryarc, Sony Ziris, WebDT, Wireless Ronin (err CRI) , 3M and many, many others but all have been considered at some point by ourselves.

After a product or company name indicates a current or past DailyDOOH advertiser (with product or company)

Statistically speaking if you are reading this post then you have most likely just Googleddigital signage software‘ or some combination of ‘top / best digital signage software‘ and are either looking for some help sorting through the hundreds of digital signage software offerings in the marketplace or looking to see where your own product stands in a search result.

Let’s start by saying then:-

  1. If you are putting together an RFI or an RFP then you should read, and take notice of this list. With only one or two geographic, or very specific vertical exceptions, if a vendor is NOT on this list you are probably wasting your time in even looking at them.
  2. If you are a network, our advice for you is to take a serious look at OpenSplash. OpenSplash is a free, multi-platform, open source media player that can be driven by any content management and scheduling system. You will still most probably need a CMS to manage all of your devices but starting here gives you flexibility in choosing a CMS (now and in the future it’s easy to change)
  3. If you are a screen manufacturer, take a serious look at OpenSplash – no other software vendor will create a media player uniquely suited to your own display hardware (except you! AND with OpenSplash you can write your own extensions to take advantage of your own hardware)
  4. If you are a hardware manufacturer (set top box, PC hardware or perhaps a supporter of OPS, take a serious look at OpenSplash – no other software vendor will create a media player uniquely suited to your own hardware (except you! AND with OpenSplash you can write your own extensions to take advantage of your own hardware)
  5. If you are a CMS vendor, look at supporting OpenSplash (see reasons #2, #3 and #4 above)
  6. If you are a CMS vendor, please check the Software Holocron (Digital Signage, Gesture, Kiosk and Touch) to make sure that (a) you have at least one entry and (b) that any entries (we need an entry for your company and for each product) give enough detail
  7. If you are a startup and believe that you too can write your own digital signage software, our advice to you is “Don’t Bother!”. There are more than enough products in this list already and hardly any of them differentiate themselves from each other. The industry needs innovation so please take a look at the real problems we face and put your minds to work solving those rather than re-inventing the wheel

54 Responses to “The Top 25 Digital Signage Software Vendors”

  1. Richard Brock Says:

    So you came to this conclusion without actually evaluating all the products available. The article should really be titled ‘the 32 best Digital Signage brochures that we could find’. Hardly a fair representation of the market and in truth a poor reflection of this blog as a industry commentator.

  2. Neal Says:

    Seems you forgot the most important company of all, the one everyone is talking about..

    They offer FREE DIGITAL SIGNAGE, and they will be at DSE

  3. Anita Says:

    Richard Brock said it all. Shame on you Editor.

  4. Mike Says:

    Can you tell us what methodology Daily used to evaulate all applications?

  5. A browser is not a signage player Says:

    Funny that someone mentioned Media Signage… Next up in that category would be ScreenScape.

    I hope you guys know that these browser-based Adobe AIR/FLEX “players” are not really players. In fact, their entire “player” can be subsumed and displayed as simply a generic piece of flash content within the playlists of other, more powerful DS systems.

    Oops… did I let a cat out of the bag? :)

  6. Sean Milstead Says:

    Richard -

    I believe it’s a little bit unfair to assume that the DailyDOOH team has not actually evaluated a large number of the software offerings available and that they are only basing their list off of brochures. As someone who has been there to give a demonstration (or two, or three) with my team for one of the products on this list (note: no longer with that specific team), I do know that the DD staff does in fact regularly review software packages on a technical level.

    Having said that, you’re right in noting that it is a nearly impossible job to evaluate every single DS package that is on the market, and I think it would be fair for the DD crew to acknowledge that point.

    Mike -

    They do state a bit of a methodology, but you’re right in stating that it may be incomplete.

    DailyDOOH Team -

    Going to Mike’s point, and to your own assertion that many of these choices are vertical in nature, I’m wondering if you might lift the curtain a little bit and disclose the following when discussing these items:

    1. What vertical market(s) do you specifically reccomend specific software packages for?
    2. What feature set(s) or other criteria make their product(s) well suited for said verticals in your opinion?
    3. What version of their digital signage solution did you evaluate, and when?

    Just some thoughts. Information is good, right?


  7. Richard Brock Says:

    If you are so bold as to state publicly that Scala is better than Tightrope, surely you should only arrive at this conclusion if you apply the same test case to both Tightrope and Scala, and as per the stated methodology, compare pricing as well. Instead the author has stated that Coke is better than Pepsi but heck he hasn’t bothered to actually taste Pepsi. It’s unfair to end-users, and it’s unfair to vendors. When I present to a potential customer, I don’t rubbish the competition, it’s a pity the author has not displayed the same restraint.

  8. Bruce Says:

    It’s a difficult job, and if all who write and/or consult in the industry, with an open and objective mInd with no allegiances on the line, were to take a stab at it, we would all probably come up with a different top 10 for different reasons.

    For me, I actually use the stuff and work with it hands-on before recommending it to anyone. Unfortunately, hands-on evals take time and with the amount of product available, would take me way too long to complete. The DailyDOOH is to be commended for publishing their opinions on all of the countless demos, presentations, and hands-on evals they’ve experienced. Once they publish it, it’s up to you to use it as you see fit. For me, it saves me a lot of time and money, and helps me focus on who to pay closer attention to (or not).

    My only comment is, if at all possible, to hear from the DailyDOOH staff why certain notable products like WebDT, BrightSign and MediaSignage did not make the cut, and other relatively unknowns (at least to me, pardon my ignorance) did (e.g.; 1080dots, Mermaid, Onelean, Thinxstream). Looking forward to reading the 2010 top 10. Keep up the good work!

  9. Howard Smith Says:

    maybe its just based on what it says at the title to the blog …..

    “Insight, Knowledge and Opinion”

    I note that these posting are either anonymous or not on the list. Perhaps I am the sole voice on the list that is willing to hark up, but c’mon guys If you really want to be heard do a better job of getting mindshare with ALL stakeholders rather than bitching once a year & banging on about FREE !!!!

    If Dynamax are not in the top 10 next year so be it, we will simply carry on doing what we are doing regardless, but let me assure you we will not sit there next year posting “WAAAA WAAAAA WAAAA”

  10. oldsignguy Says:

    LISTS ARE GOOD! Stirs up the pot. Everyone thinks each other is a Wanker! Ok, so that part is true. Without Adrian and his team putting it out there well… Its a very, very good thing he does.

    I think we need a Wurst list for those companies that cant get out of thier own way and a Dead, but Not Gone list for those that continue to defy gravity, anf of course an OhReally list, for longest life with vapor-ware.

    The Pinnochio list leader of the year has to be 50,000 screens in 50 casinos

    Cheers to Adrian and team!

  11. wake up Says:

    WAKE UP EVERYONE. Daily DOOH is a business first and foremost. The top 32 list is simply comprised of everyone that they feel has the POTENTIAL to advertise with them. Thats about. If you are NOT on the list…dont sweat it, it just means that Adrian and the team dont feel you can spend dollars with the to buy some banners on their web-site.

    Hasnt everyone noticed how horny Adrian gets when someone NEW has placed (or will be placing an ad) with them?


  12. Anonymous Says:

    Does it frustrate anyone else that the daily dooh team never seems to respond to these comments? Isn’t that blogging 101? To engage your readers?

  13. Sero Tonin Says:

    Rise and shine, truth well told was in the last post. Adrian must pay for all the flights around the planet and he has the luxury of being the editor of a popular ‘tabloid’. Take all that is written with a ‘pinch of salt’.His approach is akin to ‘shit stirring’.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    It would be a good exercise to see how many of the top 30 are making a profit. Surely this would be on you checklist with regards to seeing if the business should be in there. Do your research and you will be amazed at what you find.

  15. Paddi Says:

    @ wake up: great job !

    @ Richard Brock : outstanding !

    @ “Top 30 Digital Signage Software Vendors” … change the topic into “23″

    …and we have all fun about this dailyblablabla – list :)

  16. Anon Says:

    To the other anon – making a profit? Try positive cash flow.

  17. dsaddict Says:

    If you want to be in these DailyDooh’s lists you only need to pay an advert here, this is the way it works.

  18. Tom Milner Says:

    There are clearly some Signage Platforms that are superior to others….but!
    Some signage platforms are just more tuned into the type of customer that they are designed around and by that very notion are better than others that are not!

    I would welcome all of these platforms to do as well as possible in the verticals they are best at and hopefully that will mean that more and more of you will engage with companies like mine that install and maintain it for you!

  19. Bobby Hunter Says:

    Media Signage is a load of crap, even the “premium” version. I could receive more support from a flea biting at my ankle!

  20. Says:

    There has been a lot of changes since the article was published…:)

  21. Bryan Crotaz Says:

    Are we in a time warp? The comments predate the article by two years…

  22. Luis R. Villafane Says:

    ok, should I bitch about MALER not being on the list.. we paid for advertising on the dailydooh a couple of times and we are not on the list….. wait…wait sorry, we are not a software company… regardless… let me bitch about it.. Adrian, put our name up there…now!
    How about a list of Network Operators for DS? How many are there?


  23. Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief Says:

    Luis why don;’t you bitch about Telentice, err we mean Fujitsu err or do we mean Telentice – either way what happened to them?

  24. Luis R. Villafane Says:

    Adrian, easy answer, I have to fight my own battles… believe me, I have my share. Let Fujitsu worry about TELentice, that is why they own the IP and make all the sales.
    Let me worry about all the smart guys above making software we can manage… or that its actually managable…
    Everybody can do everything, but then, when the real test comes and you put them to the test, it is always “available” on the next release… which never comes, or you just dont bother with it…


  25. Steve Whitehead Says:

    Adrian, that’s an interesting point that Luis makes. Do you have an up to date list of DOOH Networks/Operators – it would be interesting to track growth, acquisitions and Tango Uniforms etc … assessed more from an advertiser rather than supplier perspective (who ultimately feed all the mouths in the supply/value chain)? Or is this an area that AKA.TV will perhaps focus on?

  26. Jeff Collard Says:

    Over many years our company (Omnivex) has been both maligned and praised in DailyDOOH. We have never advertised with DailyDOOH and I don’t believe, nor has it ever been suggested that editorial is determined by advertising sales. Adrian has been transparent by identifying advertisers in this listing. DOOH have technically proficient staff who have spent many hours looking at our product at trade shows and followed up with a thorough review of our documentation.

    When rumors are circulating in the industry as they often do, DOOH editors have contacted me to fact check their sources and I assume they do the same with my competitors. A blog is an opinion piece and this group have a right to their opinion. We have been fortunate to be included in this list for the last couple of years and I hope that we remain on it but the only way for us to make that happen is to prove merit.

  27. Dave Haynes Says:

    Congratulations on developing a world-first Top 27.

    27? Who does a Top 27???

    I told you not to skip your meds.

  28. Denise MacDonell Says:

    Long time reader, first time commenter! I have to assume that all of us “commenters” may not be privy to the entire set of criteria that the DailyDOOH team used to generate this list. Certainly, as the GM for Harris Corporation’s DOOH business, I can vouch that we have not been acquired, are not going out of business and are not “walking dead on a skeleton staff” as evidenced by recent wins and an interview with myself covered right here in this blog. Opinion always generates great discussion, doesn’t it?!

  29. JEM Says:

    This site never gives any details or can quantify their selections, until then – it’s ‘a list’, that part doesn’t seem to challenging. Based on other comments, it seems as if they make their decisions based on review at a trade show and read through documents. No review of software in real world applications? (If not, the selections above cannot be valid). There is a definitely a void in this industry for a defacto site or organization that has truly done their research for which other applications are based (i.e – Gartner Group, etc). Until then, we’re left with sites like this, TMZ, and Page 6. Site note – there is much more to these companies than just the software and to rollout any application, each piece is critical to making it work (successfully). A quick guide – find out each companies financials, proven track record, review past / present / future software roadmap, exact list of employees focused on your program, test out the media player, prove they can scale, who are their logistic partners, define content services (what will you do, what will they do), and know everything about the network (systems, scale, and limitations) … and, that’s just to get you started.

  30. Bryan Crotaz Says:

    At Silver Curve we have just finished a detailed evaluation and comparison of more than 10 software providers for a major UK end user. The differences between offerings were well defined, and we evaluated them as related to the actual real world needs of our client.

    Our data was collected in confidence from manufacturers, and our interviews were similarly in confidence, so I cannot reveal the results here.

    If you would like a similar review of your favourite product against the rest of the market in a certain vertical (it’s virtually meaningless across multiple verticals) then we would be glad to bring our expertise and independence to the playing field. As someone who has been designing signage software for close to 15 years now, I know which difficult questions to ask!

  31. Steve Acquista Says:

    This list is a good example of why prospective DS customers are still confused as to where to turn and what software and or hardware solutions to consider. Combine this with the confusion resellers and integrators face when selecting creditable and supported DS solution providers and you begin to understand why the DS segment hasn’t progressed further than it has at this point in time.

    In my opinion, a more creditable list should include project deployment data and case studies as well as differentiating software only companies from those that build and support both the hardware and software.

    In the many years I’ve been involved in the digital signage market space, I’ve always said that if Apple, Microsoft and or Google announced a digital signage solution tomorrow, they would not only climb instantly to the top in terms of mindshare they would force a lot of the current DS software providers out of the market.

    Steve Acquista – CTS, DSCE
    Sr. Director, Digital Signage
    DT Research, WebDT

  32. Kevin Sigliano Says:

    I have always insisted in adding more light to the process and providing marks. As International Director of Admira www. admiradigitalsignage . com, I would obviously be happy to gain exposure on all lists including dailydooh.

    Our best credentials are our clients, reliability, partners and pricing.

    Hopefully we will be able to provide our software for a true test to an independent panel soon. Admira always offers a free test drive to universities, partners and new prospects.

  33. Digital signage Says:

    I think everybody should respect the list presented here by daily dooh. We have different opinions and views. I think it’s the people who are using this service can really tell who are the best and who are still needed to develop their software. Maybe you should consider and give chance to Digital Recall!

    Digital signage

  34. Mars Tuttle Says:

    Any comments about Jibe stream for way-finding and Qnomi for Que management integrated on the list provided…

  35. Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief Says:

    Yes Mars .. never heard of either of them!

  36. Mars Tuttle Says:

    Looking for a turn key solution for the following:

    1, Way finding,
    2, Queue Management

    All to be integrated into

    3, Digital Signage

    Must be able stream video too…. Any recommendation out there

    Thanks in advance Mars

  37. DailyDOOH Comparing Apples and Baseballs in 2012 Best Signage List | Acuity Omnimedia Says:

    [...] On December 5, 2012 DailyDOOH published Top 30 Digital Signage Software Vendors. [...]

  38. Rich Maddy Jr./ CVM Network Says:

    If you’ve had the opportunity to listen to Adrian present at conferences, (which I have a couple of times in the last year), you’d know that one of his “pet peeves” about our industry is the ridiculous glut of software providers. (over 600!) As a new network operator and new member of this awesome industry, I can tell you that fact is very frustrating. Common scenario: Software sales person calls, I put him or her on the phone with one of my CMS operators and we are assured their solution can do everything we want it to and more. So I buy their $30 android player for $90, schedule a demo, assemble the team only to find out I’ve wasted a little $ but more importantly, precious time. Then the demo presenter apologizes for the sales guy supposedly not realizing that the features we are most interested in are “coming soon”. So we keep them on the radar and “soon” never comes!

    I feel that if Adrians only objective is his own ad revenue, he wouldn’t be so blunt, so as to not alienate a potential future advertiser. His bluntness is bound to offend sometimes but every industry needs someone to pull the covers off of companies that just don’t stand tall! Remember, this is an “opinion” piece, designed to start a conversation or debate. It did and I gleaned a couple of good bits of info from the list as well as the comments so mission accomplished! He let us know who on the list had previously advertised with them. I just hope that if Adrian ever finds a reason to roast me, I take it like a man and try to improve whatever I got roasted for, rather than cry “foul”.

    How does anyone know whether or not he has tasted Pepsi? How does anyone know the details of his libido?

  39. Bill Gerba Says:

    Rich, I was with you up until your last sentence. As someone who has seen the man speak at a number of conferences, you of all people should know how Adrian gives out the details of his libido… unfortunately.

  40. Peter Ellis Says:

    That “list” tells you nothing you need to know about the DS market and everything about this blog. Strong personal opinions based on who is feeding the author (cash or gossip graciously accepted) and who is not.

  41. Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief Says:

    Peter (probably not your Antipodean real name). We’ve posted your comment. We don’t work under a cloak of anonymity. We are happy to put our name to a list of, as it says, 30 vendors we’d recommend in certain circumstances for digital signage projects.

  42. tanya bl Says:

    How come you had not mentioned http://www.xcodelink inside Digital Signage Software Vendors , they are so much economical and best in quality , i had seen you had mentioned all those big company who uses vendors like xcodelink to make load of money , but why you are promoting all of the expensive signage software provider so i added the one with quality and a reasonable affordable vendor

  43. Gil Says:

    Not sure when you are planing to update this page, when doing so you are welcome to look at our numbers in novisign . com


  44. Zach Says:

    I’m curious to know the reason why Dynasign isn’t taken seriously as a digital signage platform. The firm I work with uses it and sells it, but i’m very interested in getting the wider industry perspective on it. Thanks!

  45. WSSF Says:

    Most cheapest and having most features is actually WSSF digital signage software.

    Price is just 1 USD for one license of signage solution.

  46. Peter Treadaway Says:

    Hi there,

    I’m currently working on a project which involves around 12 Touchscreens, each of which will have interactive content developed in HTML 5. They also need to show advertising content which we would prefer to control externally from our web apps.

    We have been looking at Broadsign for a solution, however I am beginning to think this is overkill and not really suitable for our relatively small requirements.

    We need features such as ad copy delivery metrics and framing screens with an HTML portion and an advertising portion. The screens serve different purposes so we need flexibility.

    Anyone have any suggestions for me?

  47. Henry Says:

    Hi Peter

    We have developed an app on Android platform suitable for digital signage business (DOOH) which addresses your current issue

    If you are keen to know more pls revert and let’s have a Skype con


    +91 8870374231
    Spotforge ,Chennai,India

  48. Jerry Gale Says:

    This list continues to ignore the award-winning CastNET digital signage solutions:

    At InfoComm 2015, CastNET’s installation at the Choctaw South Casino was selected as the winner in the Best Casino Project category in the Commercial Integrator magazine’s 2015 BEST Integration Awards.

    CastNET SocialView selected as the winner in the Media and Content Management category in Casino Enterprise Management magazine’s Hospitality Operations Technology (HOT) Awards program.

    CastNET SocialView selected as the Winner in Best Social Media App for Digital Signage category in the 2015 DIGI Awards sponsored by Digital Signage magazine.

    CastNET’s project at Horseshoe Baltimore Gold Medal Winner in the Digital Signage Expo 2015 APEX Awards in the Hospitality category.

    At InfoComm 2014, CastNET was selected as the best digital signage software in the Commercial Integrator magazine’s 2014 Best Awards.

    At InfoComm 2014, CastNET’s installation at the Winstar Casino 360 was selected as the winner in the Best Casino Project category in the Commercial Integrator magazine’s 2014 BEST Integration Awards.

    The CastNET iPad Player App was selected as the Winner in the Best New Display Device, Small Screen category in the 2014 DIGI Awards sponsored by Digital Signage magazine.

  49. Tom Milner Says:

    Love going back through these items and seeing who commented and for why (although a lot of anonymous commentry!) Question to Jerry above, I personally have never heard of CastNET in Europe… that a reason why as at the moment all your great references are in the US only?

  50. @Signagelive 4th in @DailyDOOH digital signage vendor list Says:

    […] global suppliers of cloud-based digital signage technology, is listed in position four on the DailyDOOH Top 25 digital signage software vendors list, published earlier today, putting it ahead of its multinational rivals, Scala and Four Winds […]

  51. Jordan Says:

    Basically, most of the people on the list are having ads on this website. “if you pay a little extra you will be on the top 25 digital signage company”


    Between us nobody reads this shitty website

  52. Jerry Gale Says:

    To Tom Milner,

    You will also notice that some of the awards are related to the Casino Industry which is our largest market. Our presence in Europe has been confined to gaming and casinos. Thank you for asking.

  53. Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief Says:

    Jerry. Awards are given for content, not software AND let’s face it…. most are self-nominated deals granted by fools. Like Tom, we have never seen your platform in action, here in Europe or in the US

  54. Montreal Mafia Says:

    Folks, you’re all missing the bigger picture here. Never mind this meaningless list of software, there’s something much more sinister at work here. This blog, along with other entities is controlled by the Montreal Mafia. Who are the Montreal Mafia?

    Broadsign, Ayuda, and Zoom Media & Marketing are the primary culprits. Adrian has been “bought” by Montreal for the express purpose of funneling business to Montreal. Have you ever noticed that Adrian Never has anything bad to say about these companies. It’s NOT because they are advertisers, after all advertising has not stopped Adrian from slamming other companies that have bought banners on his site.The fact that Broadsign and Ayuda rank number 1 and 3 on this list is humorous to me, because I know the truth about what’s really going on here — it’s collusion in its worst form.

    All of you need to wake up and see that this is a rigged game.

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