All Change at 3M and ScreenRed

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Brian Douglas has already left John Ryan where he was responsible for trying to sell / license the ScreenRed offering to small and medium sized resellers (a flawed model for a company of their size and reputation and market – and we always told them that!). Stephen Fernandez left John Ryan also.

Simon Birkenhead leaves 3M at the end of the month to join Google based in London.

It seems that rather than put our old friend Brad Pianta-McGill (currently 3M’s European Business Development Manager for Digital Signage) in charge of the whole shooting match they are recruiting from within (again) and a new chap Billy Evans is to become Simon’s replacement – UK Sales & Marketing Manager for 3M Optical Systems.

We never saw eye to eye with Simon on any of his strategies but wish him all the best in his new role – if our predictions with Google are correct we may well see him back in our industry sector before too long anyway 😉

One Response to “All Change at 3M and ScreenRed”

  1. Simon Birkenhead Says:

    I’d like to clarify that Brad Pianta-McGill remains overall business development manager for 3M digital signage software across Europe. My replacement, Billy Evans, will be managing the UK-only business. The nature of 3M’s matrix structure results in regional product managers coordinating business strategies across the Europe, with country managers responsible for local sales and account management. 3M has country managers building the digital signage business in a number of other key countries across Europe in addition to the UK. The announcement of my departure from 3M has not changed this business approach and affects onto the UK business management team.

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