Inwindow Outdoor Lets People Go

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We are hearing this week news of lots of people being let go in a number of organisations across North America. That’s never good, of course.

One company rumoured to be involved in some downsizing is Inwindow Outdoor so we reached out to CEO Steve Birnhak, who had this to say, “We’re a completely bootstrapped company, and we definitely grew too fast for my liking in terms of headcount and overhead, so we’re adjusting the model”.

It’s our understanding that many of the people who were previously full-time are going to continue, but be project based. (We never were told of the exact number.)

Steve says, “We’ll supplement with other freelancers as well. It’s really no different than what most digital agencies do when they staff up with a deep bench of talent on demand, and it definitely won’t affect our ability to do work at a high-level for our clients”.

We wish Inwindow Outdoor (and all full and part time employees) all the best and full marks for Steve for bearing his soul and telling us as he sees it.

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  1. Richard Rogers Says:

    I worked for the company this is bullshit. The company is done! They fired everyone and downsized, not to mention they are stuck paying all the violations for illegal signage in NYC. There is no reorganization the company is out of business.

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