Adspace Adds AccuWeather To Digital Mall Screens

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

New York-based Adspace Networks has partnered with AccuWeather, a worldwide multimedia weather information source, to bring local weather forecasts to the Adspace Digital Mall Network across the U.S..

adspace_logoAccuWeather will provide mall-specific content including daily weather reports and automated updates for weather alerts such as Severe Weather (snow/rain), Pollen Count, or an Excessive Heat Advisory.

“Our programming research shows that nearly 70% of our shoppers want to see quick local weather updates, including severe weather alerts,” says Bill Ketcham, executive vice-president and CMO, Adspace Networks. “Content drives our viewing and ad awareness levels. AccuWeather completes the trifecta of desirable programming: what’s on sale, mall events and weather.”

The AccuWeather content will integrate into 15-second spots that can be sponsored by advertisers. This is particularly relevant to seasonal advertisers such as: pharmaceutical companies, automotive, home improvement and retailers. eg. A high pollen count could trigger a sponsorship for an allergy medication,

“The combination of AccuWeather, the world’s best-known and most widely-used source of weather information, with Adspace Digital Mall Network, the largest place-based digital network, creates a powerful advertising platform that reaches shoppers on the path to purchase,“ says Ryan Ayres vice-president of place-based media ad sales at AccuWeather. “Because weather is the most-requested news item on place-based media, the superior accuracy of the branded AccuWeather forecast is proven means to maximize viewership.”

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