Don’t Forget Today Is Deadline Day For Accenture’s Best Buy RFI

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Perhaps you saw the RFI from Accenture for Best Buy, which was issued a week ago on Monday 18th February. If you have and you signed the NDA then you wouldn’t be telling us about it BUT plenty of folks who have seen it and refused to commit to such arduous terms have done.

As always, there are rumours of it all being a ‘Fishing Trip’. Best Buy have been down this route so many times before but we’d have to say, recruiting Accenture to do any work is an expensive way to go out and not catch any fish.

What is striking is that responses are due this Friday 1st March which surely, kinda makes the Accenture people oblivious to our industry, when you think that the who’s who of the industry will be away from their desks here in Vegas for #dse2013.

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