Bulgarian Restaurant Chain Updates DOOH With Harris

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

One of Bulgaria’s leading restaurant and hospitality groups has implemented a new digital signage system using Harris Digital Out-Of-Home technology.

harris_happy_bar_grill_bulgariaHappy Bar & Grill, and its sister brands Happy Sushi and Captain Cook, now benefit from full HD multi-zone content and messaging tailored to each restaurant, supplied as a managed service by specialist provider Digital Generation.

The group has 29 restaurants across eight cities in Bulgaria. Each brand and location has a different character, with requirements for a core service of music videos, entertainment clips and promotional material tailored for each location. In addition, Happy Group specified the ability for local insertion of content when required.

“We reviewed the requirements, and knew that only the InfoCaster system could deliver all the functionality required in HD quality,” says Georgi Dobrev, executive manager of service provider Digital Generation. “We create and schedule the content at our offices in Varna using InfoCaster Creator and InfoCaster Manager, which means all that is needed at each restaurant is an InfoCaster Player.”

The InfoCaster Player at each location stores tailored content, inserts live content such as TV feeds and accepts downloaded schedules from Digital Generation. This means it runs completely automatically, and the restaurant staff need not be diverted from their normal roles. The integration of InfoCaster Manager also means that, from its central office, Digital Generation can deliver content tailored to each restaurant, and even to multiple zones within a restaurant, ensuring that the programming precisely matches the customer profile of each venue.


To allow for special events, the InfoCaster Players installed at each location include DVB-T television tuners. Individual restaurant managers can choose to show live TV if desired, for example if a local sports team is playing. In live television mode, the InfoCaster Player provides branding and messaging for the restaurant. The manager also has the ability to trigger special events stored in the players, such as a ‘Happy Birthday’ routine, with the name of the guest in the graphics and automatic dimming of lights.

“The Happy Group recognizes that good, targeted and fun video content adds to the appeal of its restaurants and builds the brand through promotions and advertising,” says Dobrev. “But its specialization is in running restaurants, so it needed a partner that would provide a complete managed service from content creation to the individual screens. In turn, we at Digital Generation wanted a software and hardware solution from a single vendor that minimizes the need for integration and set-up, allowing us to get the service on air quickly and maintain it reliably. Harris Digital Out-of-Home provides that one-stop-shop in digital signage, and InfoCaster is the key to the success of this project.”

“This is a great example of the way that trusted partnerships build value all along the line,” says Denise MacDonell, director and general manager for Harris Digital Out-of-Home. “The restaurant group wanted a digital out-of-home experience without the extra operational overhead of managing something away from its core expertise. Digital Generation could design and run the system but wanted a turnkey solution that they knew was simply plug and play, and InfoCaster provides the platform. Result: Everyone is happy with a successful solution that meets their business needs.”

We’ve heard, by the way, that Harris will be bringing out an upgrade to its Infocaster later this week. The new updates, which include creative enhancements for videowall displays and interactive engagement, illustrate the company’s commitment to innovation for the digital signage industry across many verticals, including retail, hospitality, sports and live entertainment.

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