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Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Facebook Screen Shot

I am too old for Facebook, MySpace, Bebo etc etc but one of our younger researchers – I think you have to be under 30 to be on Facebook 😉 – found this!!

Mark Hopgood from Plasmanet seems to be behind it and he says / it shows “This is an open group. Anyone can join and invite others to join.”

You can find it here:

Someone just shouted at me across the office “the only requirement for Facebook is having too much time to spare” – err so maybe my age is not the ONLY issue!!

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  1. LisaJ Says:

    Well, I am old too BUT it is good cross promotion and not to mention facebook is kinda the lighter side where you can give virtual gifts and be personable with the groups you join. I actually got a virtual gingerbread man as a gift from one of our sponsors and it made my day. There are many digital signagers on facebook! I won’t post spam on your blog but if you happen to want to reverse the ageing proccess and join – just look me up under the digital signage forum.

    PS) I like what you write about!

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