Trofie + Danoo Report 24%-53% Boost In Magazine Sales

Manolo Almagro, Q Division Managing Partner

Some interesting news comes from Trofie and Danoo – it was only a month ago of course that we reported on their strategic partnership and plans for network expansion and now, in a press release issued late on 5th Feb, we are told that Trofie’s Media Center DOOH pilot has resulted in some unprecedented sales uplift (between 24% and 53%) in Conde Nast magazine titles that were advertised on the screens!

The sales results were derived from a comparison of sales reports from 2007 (pre-installation of the DOOH merchandiser) and the latter sales data that was taken after the Oct 2008 deployment of (2) Digital Fixtures in 2 separate locations – San Francisco Airport and Sacramento Airport.

The “Media Center” consists of (2) 40″ flat panel displays. Each screen has separate and discrete  programming tracks. Screen (1) runs a playlist of Danoo network programming (News, Weather, Sports, Ads) Screen (2) runs a playlist of real-time flight/gate information provided by Flyte Systems.

I had the opportunity to meet Christine Crowley, Trofie’s CEO/Managing partner, she was gracious enough to comment on some questions I had relating to the Trophie/Danoo relationship and some of their programing strategies…

Manolo: How did you come to select Danoo as your platform and partner for this project?

Christine: ” I spent the better part of 3 years, studying competitors and researching technology platforms, there’s alot of information to process out there, and depending who you talk to, you’ll get a different answer each time. In the end- we selected Danoo because we believe they have a very scalable platform, a proven and effective programming strategy- and the fact they are local to our offices”

Manolo: “there are winners and losers in projects like this, when it comes to decision time, you have to narrow it down to just 2 choices. I know who won the project, – who was the other company that didn’t”

Christine: “Wireless Ronin, – they didn’t meet our selection criteria – Danoo did.”

Manolo: “What’s the strategy behind the multiple monitor configuration of the Media Center?”

Christine: “One display runs the Danoo playlists; ads and promotions for books, concessions, gifts, and magazines that are sold in the store. The programming also includes real-time feeds for breaking news, weather and sports. The second screen displays real-time flight and departure information for gates within a close proximity of the store. Our customer journey data tells us that people don’t stray more than 5 gates away from their assigned departure gate. We believe that by providing flight information for the close-in gates, it will extend the dwell time of the shoppers in the store since they won’t need to leave to check the status of their flight.

Manolo: “Are you selling DOOH as a replacement to your traditional advertising & marketing programs?”

Christine: “this initiative will be a multi-channel strategy, a buy will include both traditional and digital components”

ABOUT Trofie

Trofie creates advertising and marketing programs that significantly increase retailer revenues and enhance brand recognition, product visibility, and ROI for advertisers in major DMA (Designated Market Area) airports from coast to coast and in Hawaii, Mexico and the Caribbean. With a network of retail stores, newsstands, gift and specialty shops and bookstores, Trofie delivers powerful advertising and promotions that attract, engage and convert the mobile, on-the-go, affluent traveler into a motivated consumer—365 days a year.


Danoo is a leading digital out-of-home network that delivers relevant, localized digital media as part of people’s daily rituals. Danoo’s web-connected, interactive screens captivate people in a network of cafes in more than 1000 locations in the top media markets, and in Trofie’s airport retail shops.

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