FYI No RFP. Accenture / Best Buy RFI Cancelled

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Hi Adrian Industry,

I am writing in response to the post that refers to an Accenture RFI at Best Buy. Unfortunately I believe you may have been misled as there is no such RFI. Please can I request that you take the story down? Happy to chat live if you need further confirmation.

Many thanks,

Anthony Adrian

do not pass goNews in over the Bank Holiday weekend that Accenture and Best Buy have definitely been wasting your time. Here’s the timeline of events…

  1. Accenture use our #DSTop30 list and ring round the best digital signage software vendors in the industry
  2. Accenture, pitching a very onerous NDA, find it hard to get very many takers (some vendors are rung and emailed as many as half a dozen times)
  3. Best Buy. NFLA54722. Digital Messaging RFI issued 18th Feb 2013
  4. On 27th Feb 2013, in an email to a leading industry publication, Accenture deny all existence of RFI (in a strange twist of fate, this email, though initially misguided and plainly wrong, actually turns out four weeks later to have a grain of truth in it)
  5. Final deadline for RFI due Friday 1st March (even though majority of industry actually in Las Vegas that week for #dse2013)
  6. Friday 29th March, The Best Buy Digital Messaging Project Team (courtesy Accenture) email ‘participants’ in the Best Buy NFLA54722 Digital Messaging RFI that “after a deliberate review of Best Buy’s Digital Messaging requirements and solutions available in the marketplace and considering current IT capability portfolio priorities and the economics of a Digital Messaging capability … the decision has been made to suspend project activities in FY14 related to the Digital Messaging RFI”
  7. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Wait six months. Return to top. Start again at #1

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  1. Richard Hertz Says:

    This may have worked out better if FC&K had run the RFI. Those who saw the document will attest that it demonstrated no understanding of industry development post-2005. None. One hopes Accenture billed their dying client in 2005 dollars.

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