#2013SignExpo More On The New Aria Sign

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

We found out the huge Aria Hotel digital sign that we wrote about yesterday is definitely from Yesco, with content management by Four Winds Interactive and content by MGM Marketing.

The sign measures 60’ wide and 250’ tall, and will be used to promote shows, restaurants and events at the Aria.

It’s not the largest digital sign in Las Vegas. That honour goes to the Harmon Corner Outdoor LED that was part of the DSE Installation Tour in February. The Harmon sign is believed to be the world’s largest LED, measuring 60′ tall by 332’ lomg with 33 milion LEDs.

“It displays the equivalent of eight 720 x 1080s,”
says Rick Juleen, director of sales in Las Vegas for Yesco. “The Aria sign also has a much lower resolution, at the request of the client, than that of the Harmon sign.”

Maybe so, but it’s still pretty impressive!

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