#2013SignExpo What Visitors Looked For In The Digital Zone

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

We noticed that many of the visitors to the #2013SignExpo’s Digital Zone last week stemmed from South America, Central America and Asia.

Ricardo Escoto

Ricardo Escoto

We spoke to a few of the many visitors to see why they made their way to the sector identified by the green rug.

Ricardo Escoto of Rentable, a billboard company is Mexico, told us he wanted to see LED options for outdoor use. He told us that his company has 1,500 billboard faces and another 1,000 planned.

“We currently have 28 digital screens as well as 50 revolving screens with three faces,” Escoto said.

Kip Husk of Husk Signs of Evansville, Indiana, was looking at trends. His company deals in channel letters, lighting, electronic message centres and more.

Martin Ambres

Martin Ambres

Martin Ambres of Contigli Publicidad of Buenos Aires was also looking for LED companies.

Ambres was interested in asking questions of the various exhibitors so we didn’t get to know much about his company, but it seems to have extensive business interests in several fields that we noticed includes digital graphic design, catalogues, brand activation and many others.

Richard Sumption of Architectural Graphics Inc., Virginia Beach, was in general, sourcing specialists and looking to see what’s new.

Peter Hellermann, CEO of smartPIX in the Bronx, New York, wanted to get an idea of trends in digital signage and especially in billboards.

Brian Gorg; William Stavolo

Brian Gorg; William Stavolo

William Stavolo of Florida-based Zuni Scrolling Signs was looking for scrolling signs, backlits and LED and generally wanted to learn more about the digital signage sector.

Helping out with the latter was Brian Gorg, left, executive director of the Digital Signage Federation, which had a small booth in the Digital Zone manned by Gorg; Alan Brawn, past DSF chair and principal of Brawn Consulting; Jonathan Brawn and Clarissa Brawn, both of Brawn Consulting.

Also spotted on Day One was Phil Cohen, current DSF chair and president and CEO of CARE Media Holdings.

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