The Last Breaking CübbNews : GAME OVER…

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

Owner/founder Pascal Cübb posted this kryptic message on his Facebook page on Monday:

After more than 9 years working and fighting hard, with my Team, sadly I have to give up now.

I have bet « All In »… I loose everything… That’s the rules for entrepreneur.

I would like to say a special Thanks to all my Partners :

Pierre Mathieu, (Canada) Bilal Saker (Saudi Arabia), Andrea (Italy), Jorge (Latam), Sam (Caraibes) , Scott (UK), Jude (Singapore), Rainer (Germany), Geoffroy (Benelux), Netty (Luxemburg), Fahd (Morocco), Dennis (Netherlands), Joane (Indian Ocean), Karsten (Scandinavia), …

We had a great time… It was beautiful operations.

Thanks again for your trust, your support and your friendship!

I will always be always available for all your needs and issues.

Stay tuned, Your PC is watching you !

See you BaBe…

Strangely enough, there are 847 ‘Likes’ for this post – an interesting case of schadenfreuede, perhaps ?

Personally, I’ve never understood the attraction of this particular variant of ‘Out of Home’ which is a bit like taking Club Med presenters out on to the streets and blowing up a lot of hot wind…and so I could never understand the commercial sense of it all.

Oh, well, once again, Darwin rules…

4 Responses to “The Last Breaking CübbNews : GAME OVER…”

  1. D Roma Says:

    Wasn’t this just a knock off of Pixman anyway? Looks more comfortable but not a new thing. Copy cats fail because they are not original. Viva real innovators not imitators.

  2. Pascal Cubb Says:

    @ Adrian : Your recommandation on my Linkedin… (

    Adrian Cotterill
    Editor-in-Chief DailyDOOH,, LION 7,538+ #112669

    “Smart business savvy guy who has built a successful, incredibly well thought of business.”

    March 15, 2010, Adrian was with another company when working with Pascal at Cübb

    You’re not honest my dear Adrian… Certainly you will not publish this reply (??)

    @ D Roma : I’ve launched my concept in the same time than Pixman… they had been also inspired by others comcepts… Nobody really invents… but I create it!
    Pixman sued us against my patent (the only one real…) I’ve won the trial and they have lost their own patent…

    What else???

  3. Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief Says:

    Pascal you are / were certainly smart but you didn’t market your business, you steadfastly refused to support industry events with anything other than having your people walk the show floor – in the media industry it’s doubly important to do something with your brand and you never did quite take it to the next level. How can any startup survive without a marketing budget?

    We run a small business ourselves and no-one wants to see fellow entrepreneurs go under. I am sure you will be back with something just as good.

  4. Pascal Cubb Says:

    Just question of money my dear Adrian… But I’ll be back, for sure!
    Stay tuned & Take care

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