Health Media Network Makes Two Separate Moves

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Health Media Network, Stamford, Connecticut-based digital point-of-care media company, has both acquired the Spectrum Health Network from Allderdice Media Holdings and signed an exclusive national marketing and sales agreement with American Minority Health Network.

health_media_nework_logoAmerican Minority Health Network owns and operates the African American Medical Network (AAMN) and the Spanish Language Medical Network (SLMN).

Point-of-care advertising facilitates conversations between doctors and patients at the care delivery site with a documented immediacy that drives specific patient actions and requests. HMN’s acquisition of Spectrum Media’s turnkey communications network for doctors through IP addressable networks and AMHN’s video education assets and programming will help produce greater awareness of the benefits of preventative healthcare practices and compliance with doctor recommendations.

“This acquisition and marketing agreement allows HMN to offer advertisers and managers of DTC and OTC brands a significant increase in reach, impressions and ROI to more highly-targeted consumer audiences at a time when they are most receptive to communications – in the physician’s waiting room,” says Christopher Culver, president and CEO at HMN. “Better informed patients are more likely to follow physician suggestions and recommended dosing strategies.”

Spectrum Health Network includes approximately 1,500 primary care doctors as well as diabetes, cardiology and oncology physicians.

“HMN continues to validate its commitment to being the fastest growing IP-addressable digital point-of-care company,” says Culver. “We lead the industry in network diversity through our ability to offer advertisers and brand managers multi-platform opportunities to reach more consumers at a pivotal time – at the point-of-care.”

AMHN provides video education for medical practices serving the minority market. Shaneeka James, AMHN’s president, directs the company’s subscription effort, continually building and expanding the network’s educational content distribution in minority medical offices throughout the U.S. as well as working directly with advertisers and appearing on-camera as the company’s spokesperson.

“AMHN has created a viable solution to meet the needs of physicians who are constantly searching for ways to better inform their patients and for advertisers that are searching for ad space to communicate specific products to Hispanics and African-Americans,” says James.

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