Raphaël Pinot Becomes Monsieur Content

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

Raphaël Pinot has been named Commercial Director of idylle PRODUCTION, a French company specialized in the creation and management of content for brand radio and TV channels since 1990.

Raphaël PinotThe 39 year-old Raphaël was most recently Digital Media Director France for Philips screens at Winning Company. Prior to that he was a consultant journalist to Cleverdis Media, where he acquired a rare expertise in new media in both the hotel trade and at retail.

In 2004, he created the Digital Media and the Hotel Innovation France and Europe SMARTreports – the very first digital media guides for retail, corporate, hotels, transport and public spaces. Then, in 2005, he was part of the team that set up the French Digital Media Association, DMAF, and a three-time jury-member for the ‘Equip’Innov’ Competition at the ‘Equip’hotel’ trade fair.

Raphaël’s main tasks will be to promote the company’s content creation and management services to key accounts, and to create meaningful partnerships with all of the various actors involved setting up an in-house brand radio or TV channel – consulting – conception – content – ad sales – installation.

This appointment confirms idylle PRODUCTION ‘s ambition to re-enforce its dominant position in the up-market hotel sector, and to continue to develop its activities at retail across France and EMEA.

In 2013, Raphaël will continue in his role as jury member for The DailyDOOH Gala Awards, being held once again on the last Thursday of November at Banqueting House in London. And in his new day job, he can be reached at raphael@idylleproduction.com.

idylle PRODUCTION was set up in 1990 by Betty Castaldi and is one of the pioneers of in-house radio and TV.

It creates over 650 video messages per month for hotels, casinos, ski resorts, cinemas and retail outlets. The company performs rights management for its database of over 2,500 clips and 6,000 music titles.

The company has created and manages radio and TV channels for several prestigious clients such as Fouquet’s Restaurant in Paris, the Gray d’Albion Hotel in Cannes, Mamounia, Mazagan, and the Lucien Barrière chain of Hotels & Casinos, as well as the Leroy Merlin and E.Leclerc store chains.

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  1. Denys Lavigne Says:

    Ouch… this hurts…
    And I thought I was Monsieur Content…
    That said, Raphael seems to take his content seriously, so I guess the title is in good hands… Félicitations…

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