Has Cisco won 127 Virgin Megastore UK sites?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

There are rumours that Cisco has won a Digital Signage deal in the UK for 127 sites. We were desperately looking around to see what retailers (we think it is Retail) might have 127 sites (ok, ok, okay it may not be the whole estate but we have to start somewhere!!!) and voila one of our researchers hit upon this but alas we are reliably informed by the folks at Liquid Digital that it is definitely NOT WHScreen (as Liquid Digital are doing such a great job there and have just installed a couple of T5 sites that deal would have been a bit strange).

Looking further afield we see that Virgin Megastores (now called Zavvi) has 127 sites but they seem happy enough with Barry Humphries’ DSN (Dynamax powered) screen window network and we are reliably informed that it is not them either.

Whilst Cisco have been busy everywhere in Europe, this will be their first big deal for their DMS offering in the UK – let’s hope it is announced soon, unlike their retail banking work (which we all know about) but is always under wraps.

As mentioned yesterday, it has been a great start to 2008 and we haven’t even had all the announcements that people are keeping back for the shows yet (ISE and Screen Expo mainly).

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