1,600 6-Sheet Advertising Panels for Streetbroadcast

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Streetlive running an Oakley campaign

It’s starting to become a fabulous start to the year with campaigns and new deployments.

Streetbroadcast have just announced that they have won an exclusive 15 year advertising agreement for 6-sheets across Leeds. The contract is estimated to be worth UK PDS 70 million pounds over the term.

Streetbroadcast may well be installing up to 1600 6-sheet advertising panels during the first three years of the contract – these will include both Streetbroadcast’s paper 6 sheets mounted on lampposts and also new digital 6-sheets (what they call ‘StreetLive’).

Installation begins in May 2008.

Mungo Knott, Managing Director of UK Sales at Streetbroadcast exclusively told DailyDOOH…

“This win is a fantastic endorsement of the professionalism and innovation which are the hallmarks of Streetbroadcast. Leeds is a key city and clients will now be able to better than ever reach this important audience with our outstanding communication.”

Not surprisingly this is the largest contract that Streetbroadcast has signed since incorporation in 2001.

Leeds is the 3rd largest City in the UK with a population of 720,000. It is also now considered to be the most popular student destination and holds a large financial industry base.

The picture above shows a digital Streetlive unit playing out an Oakley commercial. The first 18 of 25 planned Streetlive units are already up and running.

Streetbroadcast claims this makes them the largest provider of exterior digital advertising opportunities in the UK. They do cover cities such as Liverpool, Glasgow. Coventry and Manchester.

We reckon that Streetbroadcast will have 200 Streetlive units by the end of 2008.

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