Pricer Launches New Gen. SmartTAG Electronic Shelf Labels

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Pricer Inc., a major provider of electronic shelf labels for retailers, has launched SmartTAG. its new generation of ESL products yjat enable retailers to add more information to labels including one-off promotional messages, stock information and promotional discounts to boost sales and improve the in-store experience.

pricer_logoRetailers can also add QR codes or NFC enabled labels to link customers – with a simple scan of their smartphones – to online marketing campaigns, recipes sites, reviews or social media.

“With SmartTAG, retailers can instantly provide customers with additional product information to provide an easier, more enjoyable shopping experience,” says Wyatt Alston, Pricer general manager. “The new labels still provide clear, readable displays, but go one step further to connect the retailer with the customer.”

Pricer SmartTAGs allow stores to automatically and instantly update and align their in-store prices of their online stores, so stores can offer their customers a truly unified shopping experience, whether online, in-store or on their mobile. The labels come with integrated tools that improve promotion messaging in stores. Furthermore, they are fitted with Pricer’s exclusive SmartCLIP slot, so that eye-catching promotional shelf-talkers and wobblers can be attached with ease. With the SmartFRAME, on-shelf messages can be multiplied as retailers can simply slot pre-printed or customized promotions around the price label as well as on the side.

“Our new generation labels provide a unique, new avenue for retailers to reach customers and make strategic pricing decisions,” says Altson. “In such a competitive industry, it is critical to be able to make instant updates and provide additional product information to maximize profit and avoid lost sales.”

The SmartTAG label family comes in a wide range of sizes to suit the specific needs and requirements of any store. SmartTAG segment labels –with LCD displays for easy updating and colored promotion and price zones –come in small, medium and large. SmartTAG HD graphic labels feature crisp, high definition displays, with epaper technology for better rendering of text and easier readability. SmartTAG HD labels are available in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large.

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