Holt Renfrew’s hr2 Re-Imagines Off-Price Retail

Dmitry Sokolov

Preparing for Nordstrom’s announced Canadian expansion, Canadian Luxury retailer Holt Renfrew launched a new look for its off-price outlets – discount outlets then? Ed

The second hr2 outlet to open it’s doors was in Vaughan Mills Mall, located just north of Toronto. Much like the inaugural Montreal store, the Vaughan Mills location is a fantastic example of open, clean store layout with minimalist style digital signage to accent the retail design.

Instead of relying on 16:9 LCDs, which are becoming all too common in retail, NYC-based architect Janson Goldstein used thin strips of LED signage to provide ambient accents as well as brand and sectional signage. The long, slim LED fixtures compliment the elegant Bruce Mau-designed identity of the hr2 brand, creating a crisp, posh environment where visitor almost forgets they are at an off-brand store.

The vision was executed by Toronto-based Gridcast Media (also behind the latest Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique project) using over 500 linear feet of Nanolumens LED technology and Scala digital signage software to manage the content.

Not bad for a retailer with roots dating back to 1830’s!

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