Frost & Sullivan gets it right with MediaTile

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

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MediaTile has just received the 2008 Digital Signage Technology Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan.

This is for MediaTile’s “Digital Sign in a Box” and “Cellular Digital Signage” Technology we understand.

The Digital-Sign-in-a-Box concept is definitely a good way forward for the industry. It’s not exactly new as a number of vendors end up putting similar components together themselves but of course what MediaTile have done rather well is brand it, package it, integrate it and sell it.

MediaTile’s system incorporates a commercial-grade display with embedded media player, network connectivity using cellular broadband services and a web-based broadcast portal.

Yin Fern Ko, Frost & Sullivan Analyst said in the press release “Frost & Sullivan is pleased to present The MediaTile Company with the Award for Technology Leadership in the field of digital signage solutions for its simple, all-in-one, fully integrated Digital-Sign-in-a-Box system, the system can be easily deployed and operated by customers and eliminates many of the costs and complexities associated with digital signage broadcast networks.”

Keith Kelsen, CEO and Chairman of The MediaTile Company who sent us a very nice letter at the beginning of the year thanking us for our contribution to the digital out of home industry sector, was also quoted as saying “Speaking for the entire MediaTile worldwide staff, distribution agents and partners, we are excited and honored to receive this year’s Digital Signage Technology Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan, MediaTile has always been a leader and innovator in digital signage and receiving this award is an important recognition of our ability to enable far more companies to deploy and operate digital signage networks while delivering the best possible business value in the industry. With MediaTile all you need to do is – just add power – and your signage network is up and running with complete web-based control.”

Our understanding is that each year Frost & Sullivan presents the Award to the company that has pioneered the development and introduction of an innovative technology into the market – a technology that has either impacted or has the potential to impact several market sectors.

More information about Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices Awards can be found here

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  1. Unabashed Opportunist Says:

    What Frost & Sullivan don’t know…

    AT&T offers turnkey and managed service digital signage, IP-TV, and content distribution networks that run on cellular (3G/4G), satellite, and terrestrial networks (and mixed hybrids). Moreover, the underlying web-based system runs on LINUX and supports LINUX and WINDOWS media players. If you’re already buying your transport from a tier one vendor, like AT&T, why not have them bear the capital costs and lease the system from them?

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