White Heat, Grey Stone Wish You Were Here. Thinking of Brazilia

Maddie Cotterill

If you want big networks you don’t necessarily need to look to China as Brazil has some huge networks.

At DSE 360 in Las Vegas during #dse2013, Band Station’s Outernet TV’s Lyzbeth Cronembold told our audience that they had 12,000 screens in Brazil in total BUT would have (more like) 20,704 screens by December 2013.

Lyzbeth reached out to us this week with an update and it looks like they are well ahead of the game in reaching that target.

In airports they have recently won…

  • a contract to manage all media screens inside de GUARULHOS Airport (the biggest Airport in South America), that’s an extra 500 screens more
  • a contract to manage all media screens inside de VIRACOPOS Airport, that’s another 100 screens

The Screen installation process inside Buses has been boosted by…

  • Belo Horizonte City, an extra 2.400 screens
  • Brasilia City, another 500 screens

In Subway trains (i.e. the actual Metro or Tube trains / cars)

  • Rio de Janeiro City has added another 2000 screens
  • In Sao Paulo, 25 new metro cars have come online resulting in 1500 more screens
  • Porto Alegre has added another 800 screens

In the Metro Station itself…

  • Porto Alegre metro platform, another 160 screens

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