NBA Draft With Times Square LED Spectaculars

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

The 2013 NBA Draft on ESPN June 27/13 was simulcast in Times Square on three LED Spectaculars which included The ABC SuperSign, The Disney Store LED, and American Eagle Times Square.


This activation reached the masses that pass through the Square everyday like never before. The ABC SuperSign is a 4,630 sq. ft. High-Definition LED Signage; The Disney Store LED is a 1,344 Ft. High-Definition LED Signage; and the American Eagle LED is a 15,000 ft. High-Definition LED Signage. Spectaculars all – and for those with keen interest in the professional basketball draft, viewers didn’t miss a pick.


NBA Draft saw ESPN and State Farm lighting up Times Square with a live feed of the selections for the first time ever. The Draft was featured across all three signs. The live feed of the broadcast in Times Square was surrounded by State Farm branding, including creative featuring Chris Paul and Cliff Paul, across a number of additional digital billboards in Times Square.

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