Who Needs Digital Signage When You Have Digital Sigange

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Seriously, who needs Digital Signage (or even the Doctor’s Dynamic Signage) when you can have Digital Sigange <sic>

digital sigange

Not only does it do Digital Sigange <sic> it also remotely manges <sic> things!

3 Responses to “Who Needs Digital Signage When You Have Digital Sigange”

  1. Ken Goldberg Says:

    I am sure we can assume that their code testing and QC procedures are on a par with their rigorous proof reading. They might be the first Windows app provider to have a BOSD.

  2. Pragmatist Says:


    “Customers include a number of companies form US,Canada,UK, Germany, Australia, Japan, Greece, Brazil and a number of satisfied customers form India.”

    form – ing an opinion already

  3. Nurlan Urazbaev Says:

    I think it was a premeditated marketing ploy… Because: thanks to this post and comments, this new digital sigange software company has just enjoyed an exposure it wouldn’t dream of if they spelled things right. That was cunning.

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