Monaco Media Forum 2013 Postponed

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

News just in that Monaco Media Forum 2013 has been postponed. Last year (2012) was definitely not as good or as well attended as previous years so this probably doesn’t come as a surprise to many.

In an email to ‘members’ who err pay for the privilege of invited membership the Monaco Media Forum Team said…

Dear member

We would like to thank you for responding to our invitation to attend the 8th Monaco Media Forum, scheduled next November in Monaco.

However, we wanted to inform you that we have made a strategic decision in postponing this year’s edition. The reason is simple as we feel important to reflect on how the MMF needs to develop in order to stay relevant, vital with the guarantee of offering a better experience for everyone in our unique community.

We wanted to thank you for your support in contributing to the creation and growth of the MMF community and keeping the Forum at the forefront of the global media revolution. MMF’s secret strength is you–our community–the best and brightest people from every corner of the media world. From start-ups to strategics, brands to advertising, agencies, publishers, investors, bankers & everyone in between, we look forward to our future collaboration.


The Monaco Media Forum 2013 was scheduled to be in Monte Carlo 20 – 22 November.

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  1. MRB Says:

    Introducing money the american way, killing the initial MMF spirit, is surely a reason for its decline. The other one is being heavily sponsored by Booz&Allen & Google, those dubious companies which helped the NSA spy on innocent citizens worldwide. It is a hurting scandal of our lifetime.

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