Vanten And Edwards Technology Inc. Strategic Partnership

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Vanten K.K. (Tokyo, Japan) and Edwards Technology Inc. (ETI) (El Segundo, CA, USA announced this week that they have formed a strategic partnership.

Vanten will act as an integration and sales partner to assist ETI’s further entry in the Japanese Digital Signage market with technology and services based around the Videro digital signage platform. In addition, Vanten will operate as a support and maintenance partner for ETI in Japan. ETI will also look to offer Vanten’s EngageMedia platform in the USA on suitable projects.

Creating a partnership is a natural step forward in the working relationship between the companies that dates back to 2011. Vanten has been a key member of the team helping ETI deliver several projects in Japan for a global entertainment brand. Now, with even bigger projects in the pipeline, the partners want to leverage their combined know how and expand the presence of the Videro platform in Japan.

Vanten and ETI will also explore possibilities for deploying projects in the US based on EngageMedia, Vanten’s cloud-based digital signage platform. EngageMedia boasts a very robust suite of operational functionality and a unique architecture that allows for minimal content operations resources to manage huge variations in content across a large number of locations. EngageMedia is used as a content management and delivery platform and/or monitoring platform for over 1,000 signs across Japan.

Neil van Wouw, CEO of Vanten told us “We’re very excited to be working with ETI and the Videro platform. ETI has incredible know-how in using the Videro platform to control the visual, audio and lighting environment seamlessly to raise user experience in entertainment and retail environments to a completely new level. There is no other platform available in the Japanese market today with this kind of capability. Adding our respective capabilities and know-how makes this a killer combination that will appeal to luxury brands, entertainment brands, and innovative companies looking to create the best user experience for their in-store customers. We see a lot of potential for growth in the Japan market.”

About ETI

ETI’s award winning multisensory systems are enjoyed literally every minute of everyday somewhere on the planet. With each project, the ETI team, led by Brian Edwards since 1984, designs leading edge audio, visual, interactive systems. This combination incorporates the business needs of the client and the demands of audiences that insist on highly engaging multisensory experiences. In 2009, partnering with German based Videro LLC, ETI created the ETI/Videro Media Cloud System with infinite capabilities that is changing the game in media delivery and management. Current clients include SEGA (Orbi), Disney Stores worldwide and Nike.

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