PRN Alliance With R-E-D Official Press Release

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Here’s the official press release on our story yesterday ‘Premier Retail Networks (PRN) And Retail Entertainment Design (R-E-D)’

Premier Retail Networks (PRN) and Retail Entertainment Design (R-E-D) Announce Alliance to Enhance In-Store Media Experience for Fred Meyer and Fry’s Marketplace Shoppers

Las Vegas, February 24, 2009 – Premier Retail Networks, Inc. (PRN), the world’s most experienced provider of digital media solutions at retail, and Retail Entertainment Design (R-E-D), an award-winning entertainment marketing agency that specializes in creating custom programming for on-site media, today announced they have formed an alliance to enhance the in-store media experience for retailers and shoppers.

The alliance is being launched with collaboration on the on-site media located in Fred Meyer and Fry’s Marketplace stores. The announcement was made at the Digital Signage Expo (DSE) at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Under the terms of the agreement, PRN will provide exclusive advertising sales services for two of the out-of-home networks programmed and operated by R-E-D – the TV Wall networks in the home electronics and music departments of Fred Meyer and Fry’s Marketplace stores, located in the Pacific Northwest and Phoenix areas, respectively.

R-E-D CEO Brian Marin said, “Retail Entertainment Design is very excited and pleased with the early success of the alliance between R-E-D and PRN. The abilities that the combined organizations bring to our customers are unmatched when it comes to high-level video content and relevant advertising placement in an out-of-home network.”

Further describing the alliance, Marin said, “Our retail partners’ goals for branding and marketing can truly be explored now as we combine fully customized lifestyle programming from R-E-D and PRN’s advertising sales expertise.”

Brent Beebe, Group VP Home Electronics & Music Market, Fred Meyer, said, “Fred Meyer is extremely pleased with the solution provided by R-E-D on multiple levels. Their in-store video program ad model is a creative revenue stream for our home electronics department as well as a great way to capture the customer’s attention within a short window of opportunity. R-E-D’s use of the Internet is a future proof method for content delivery that satisfies our needs.”

PRN President Richard Fisher said, “This is a powerful combination of the capabilities of two successful digital out-of-home network companies. We are very excited about the potential of this new relationship, which benefits both of our companies, our customers, and the digital out-of-home market.”

“It also marks a directional shift for PRN in that we are now leveraging our industry-leading ad sales operation to assist other companies in monetizing their out-of-home networks,” Fisher added. “Given our scale, reach, and relationships with national brands and agencies as the nation’s most experienced provider of in-store advertising networks and programming at retail, we are in a strong position to help grow this industry.”

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