Moxie Tailors Data to Individuals and Circumstances

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Concord, Ont.-based Omnivex Corp. will make its new digital signage platform, Moxie, available March 1 – which might be good news for airports, retailers, hotels, manufacturing, and many other markets where data-driven content is key to viewers doing what you’d like them to do.

Company management says that Moxie allows companies to better influence viewers by tailoring data to individuals and circumstances

Omnivex , the 18-year-old provider of enterprise software for digital signage networks, says that Moxie breaks the industry tradition of canned content by allowing intelligent content to automatically respond to current conditions or events.

Omnivex changes how a company uses data for digital signage, and adds value for end-users who view the information. It claims that Moxie, with more than 250 new features, represents a major leap in visual communications. The software can intelligently manage content based on both internal and external information. With Moxie, Omnivex claims to have redefined the process to rapidly develop and deploy digital signage networks and significantly lower the cost to operate these systems.

“Moxie’s ability to intelligently deliver contextual messages to the correct location, at the right time will dramatically change the way people think about digital signage,” said Jeff Collard, President of Omnivex. “Its unprecedented graphics capabilities and ability to deliver contextual relevance will capture viewer’s attention in any environment where digital signage is used.”

Moxie features new 3D vectored graphics capabilities, allowing media and live video to rotate on an X, Y and Z axis, while playing. Sophisticated visual effects can be applied to media in real time and no post production is required. Enhancements in the user interface also make the system easy to use, streamlining the process of creating content, distributing it across a wide range of screens on the network, and managing the system.

Collard will be speaking on related best practices at a Digital Signage Expo workshop on Thursday in Las Vegas.

Omnivex is exhibiting in Booth No. 1430.

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