DSF In-Forum Service

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The Digital Signage Federation, the only independent not-for-profit trade organization serving the digital signage industry, announced the launch of its new DSF In-Forum service designed to help expedite the due diligence process by providing end-user purchasers a convenient platform from which to present formatted vendor briefings live to vendors who fit their purchase criteria.

DSFlogoThrough DSF In-Forum, the Federation will now offer end-user companies, committed to an investment in digital signage, an easy way to connect with DSF member vendors they wish to consider by allowing them to present their needs live online.

Invitations to this presentation will be limited to DSF members to be considered among potential product and service providers. Following the presentation there will be an opportunity to ask questions via the host, for the purpose of establishing a better understanding of client needs before responding to the RFP, thereby enhancing successful transaction rates.

DSF In-Forum is the buyer’s opportunity not only to save time by presenting the entire project overview, guidelines, and criteria just one time, but also to benefit from a facilitated process that encourages questions and provides a forum in which to clarify project requirements – in real time – to ensure a variety of qualified alternative solutions.

DSF Treasurer Ken Goldberg, CEO, Real Digital Media said, “DSF In-Forum is a big leap beyond the typical shotgun RFP, or randomly selected short list process, because it identifies qualified and interested parties, presents the information once, and immediately creates a dialog that helps to move the project forward. It is a win-win situation for member end-users, networks and vendors.”

The DSF will provide a template presentation format and assistance where necessary to ensure a standardized and complete view of end-user projects and objectives. The DSF also has developed a digital signage RFP template and list of questions buyers of these products and services should ask any potential vendor. This type of hosted forum will also benefit DSF members as potential vendors can quickly determine if they are qualified to be of help, connect, get their questions answered, and be able to respond competitively.

All end-users are welcome to apply, but only networks and vendors who are current DSF members will be invited to join and participate in any DSF In-Forum presentation.

Any applicant who wishes to use the service must submit a request with well-defined project parameters.  Requests may be submitted online here.

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