Neo Advertising joins with Traffic in Canada

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Late breaking news which requires some analysis tomorrow (Weds), for now just the press release below…

Two leaders of shopping center media in Canada merge operations to create Neo – Traffic

MONTREAL, Jan. 22 /CNW Telbec/ – Two significant players in mall advertising in Canada, the group Neo Advertising and the company Traffic, are joining forces to provide diversified, complimentary and optimized media placement through their combined networks of digital and static advertising in

Neo-Traffic will combine both company’s expertise and inventory of digital signage advertising networks and innovative range of interior and exterior static advertising products in Canada.

The merger provides advertisers the opportunity to reach millions of consumers who visit 105 premiere shopping malls in Canada on a weekly basis.

Both companies will merge their sales teams creating a unified national sales team of 12 experienced account managers working out of Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, where a new office will soon be opened. Advertisers and media placement agencies will deal with individual representatives to access the multiple services and diversified products offered by Neo-Traffic. “The
Neo-Traffic proposition definitely offers a great opportunity for the advertising market. Our 105 properties serve close to 1 billion visitors every year across the country and each of them spend approximately 72,8 minutes per visit in each shopping center. This offers multiple opportunities to
advertisers: the flexibility of digital advertising paired with the prestige of static advertising, the dominance of media creativity and the power of experiential marketing in promotional activities” said Ronald Tapiero, Vice-president of Traffic.

Considering that 65 % of retail sales in Canada are made in shopping centers, it is easy to imagine that the creation of this advertising partnership will stimulate the market. By pushing further the limits of mall advertising possibilities, Neo-Traffic is now positioned to offer unprecedented access to the largest network of shopping centers in Canada. “In merging these two companies specialized in shopping center advertising, we become the only Canadian company able to offer a dedicated mall media solution with immediate market entry to all owners of shopping centers. Not only do we
have the know-how and the financial means to support our proposition, but we also benefit from the strength of our mutual professional experience” added Benjamin Mathieu, CEO of Neo Advertising North America.

The Neo Advertising Group – Neo Advertising, a worldwide reference in the field of digital signage, owns and operates networks in Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Netherland, Belgium and Spain, managing more than 10,000 LCD screens and reaching 30 million consumers a week. In Canada, Neo Advertising owns the largest, national digital advertising mall network, with high-definition LCD
screens targeting over 12 million consumers per week, inside 67 shopping centres in Canada.

TRAFFIC – Property of Media Group, which also owns SPEED Promotions, Traffic has made its mark thanks to an innovative indoor and outdoor advertising product range designed specifically for shopping centres. Founded in 2002 by Ronald Tapiero and Guy Fortin, Traffic encompasses more than 60 shopping centres in its advertising network and includes as its business partners: La Corporation Cadillac Fairview Limited, Ivanhoe Cambridge, Oxford Group, Westcliff Group, Morguard Investments, Place Desjardins, FPI Alexis-Nihon, Bentall, Redcliff, Les Promenades de l’Outaouais and Industrielle-Alliance.

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