MDM.TV says “Name That Monster”

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

MDM.TV says “Name That Monster” and no it’s not a Premiership football player enjoying his team’s Christmas Party.

MDM.TV is joining the radio station Xfm in its promotion of Cloverfield.

The adverts we believe will run alongside Xfm’s promotion as below and will be aired on MDM.TV’s stadia network.

The outdoor network advert will come in two formats, one for pre-launch and one for post-launch of the film.

Cloverfield will, we are sure, be hugely successful and it is generating an inordinate amount of interest – especially in the way it has been leaked, promoted, teased and publicised!

Xfm pushes Cloverfield in second deal with Paramount

by Nikki Sandison Brand Republic 23-Jan-08, 09:10

LONDON – Xfm has signed its second promotional deal with Paramount Pictures in two weeks, this time to support the premiere release of much talked about monster movie thriller ‘Cloverfield’, which has already been promoted by a long running viral marketing campaign.

Earlier this month Paramount turned to Xfm to promote the launch of the critically acclaimed Coen brothers film ‘No Country for Old Men’, based on the Cormac McCarthy novel.

‘Cloverfield’ is released on February 1 and follows five young New Yorkers who are throwing a leaving party for a friend when a monster attacks the city.

It has been backed by a six month viral marketing campaign, with a trailer first shown in the summer of 2007 showing a huge explosion in New York. However, fans have been left in the dark as to the true nature or plot of the film.

Internet forums have been speculating as to what the monster in the film will turn out to be, with some thinking it was the new King Kong movie and others that it was Godzilla returning. In the end it has proved to be neither.

The promotional campaign on Xfm, which launches on January 28, will run across Xfm London; Xfm Scotland; Xfm South Wales during breakfast; and Xfm Manchester during drivetime. It will include a mixture of on-air, online and street based activity.

On-air promotions will include pre-recorded trailers and live DJ reads as well as a cash giveaway at the end of the week.

Xfm will challenge listeners to “name that monster” from a mixture of real and imitation sounds, between Monday and Wednesday of the promotion week. Three winners will be chosen, one from each day, and brought into the station live on Thursday morning to take part in a survival challenge.

The contestants will be stripped of their wallets, cash and mobile phones and given just £10 to get as far away from the station as possible in 24 hours. The person who gets the furthest will win the cash prize.

The on-air activity will be supported by an online campaign, which will entice users to find out more about the film through the trailers, story synopsis and stills that will be available.

The deal was conceived and negotiated by GCap Media’s Hannah Freeman, Shivali Ramanandi, Tony McAllister, Steve Golding, and MEC’s Dan Friel, Ian Stevens and James Dennis.

Dan Friel, business director of Mediaedge:cia, said: “The Xfm audience are big movie lovers and are key to launching films such as Cloverfield.

“Not only have they got a great audience but the passion and creativity of the team ensure that we get unique and engaging ideas that help us build buzz about our films.”

The film is directed by ‘Alias’ and ‘Lost’ creator JJ Abrams, who is no stranger to creating unseen monsters in the island drama. It has already been compared to the horror film ‘The Blair Witch Project’, partly because of the unseen killer and partly because of the film’s handheld nature.

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