ADVider To Keep The Retail Customer Engaged

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

It’s always rather fun to discover a new digital product that we haven’t see before, and I find that Beatpixels ADVider for the grocery store is one of the first really interesting pieces in that genre that I’ve seen since the shelf edge digital signage that impressed so well at ScreenMedia Expo 2011 – we wonder what’s happened to that productd from German firm ImpulsTV.-Ed

advider-spotThe Beatpixels ADVider is a portable PoP/PoS/ASP digital signage unit that can replace those boring plastic dividers at the checkout. The unit is designed to grab the attention of customers while they are in a place with not much else to do apart from wait in line to be served.

With various accessories, the ADVider can also be converted into a shelf edge display, cash register readout or table top entertainment unit.

“Waiting in line to pay for your groceries can now be far more entertaining with this innovative portable unit,” says Jason Robinson, managing director of Beatpixels Ltd in Ashton-Under-Lyne, Lancashire, UK. “The unit is based on the Beatpixels digital signage architecture, with an option to utilize the client’s existing digital network if preferred. The ADVider is a simple to use and cost effective DOOH solution and we are delighted to bring it to the market.”

The initial list price will be from US$170 per unit and can vary, depending on the number purchased. Since it’s wireless, it uses a battery that last from three-to-five hours. However, the ADVider charging rail has a built in charger that charges either via wireless charging or regular contactors that touch the surface. When the cashier moves the ADVider unit from the conveyor, it’s pushed onto a rail like any standard grocery divider.

The ADVider has RS-232 and MicroUSB interfaces that are compatible with most cash registers and POS units, allowing it to be used as a display for the cash register

As for content, Beatpixels provides various alternatives.

“Our preferred way is our very own lightweight and nimble HTML5 CMS,” says Robinson. “However, we don’t want to limit your options so it is possible to use anything that runs on Android or even just show content from an SD-card.”

3 Responses to “ADVider To Keep The Retail Customer Engaged”

  1. Ergo Nomics Says:

    I am sure that the 4.3″ screen will look great with a box of cereal or head of lettuce in front of it. Shoppers have nothing to do in the checkout line but read ads. Except for loading a basket of items onto a conveyor, finding coupons, interacting with the cashier and stepping past the register and the conveyor to… ummm… pay. And retailers will clamor for the opportunity to install charger rails at checkout. Just because you can do something does not mean you should. #FAIL.

  2. Tom Milner Says:

    Always got to love the anonymous posters looking to have a dig!

    With the right content and implemented in the right way I can see major supermarkets going for this.

    Happy to put my name to that!

  3. Geof Jones Says:

    some people always have their cup half empty or don’t have a cup at all ..

    consider Inductive loop charging
    dwell time at the checkout waiting to pay
    that 7 seconds before the coco pops go infront is the final trigger

    Don’t forget all the un used ones will be facing you on the stand ready to be picked by the next customer

    Tom is right – but price needs to be right too as supermarkets are a greedy bunch and don’t like spending their money

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