Millennial Media Leverages Hipcricket Platform for Mobile Analytics

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Millennial Media, a major company in mobile advertising, announced Thursday (Dec. 5/13) that it is teaming with Hipcricket Inc., mobile engagement and analytics company, to offer advertisers deeper analytics across three of the common mobile experiences: mobile applications, mobile web, and messaging services.

millennial media logoThe combined offering of Hipcricket’s mobile engagement and analytics platform and Millennial Media’s advertising platform delivers measurement analytics on reach and frequency across mediums, creative efficiency, demographics, behaviors, location-based insights and demographic indexes based off of conversions.

“Hipcricket’s AD LIFE platform combines all aspects of mobile engagement to drive awareness, sales and loyalty,” says Ivan Braiker, CEO, Hipcricket. “We will provide expanded capabilities to Millennial Media’s large and diverse client base, and help bridge the mobile advertising and marketing gap with superior technology, data, analytics and insight. This collaboration should enable Hipcricket to deliver technology to exciting new growth markets ripe for embracing our best practices.”

The collaboration will enable Millennial Media to offer Hipcricket’s AD LIFE messaging platform across its rich media and video ad units. Clients leveraging these select mobile ad formats will be able to understand customer engagements across multiple mobile channels and gain critical insights for driving stronger messaging and retargeting for future campaigns.

“Measurement is critical to moving the needle in mobile advertising,” said Frank Weishaupt, senior vice-president, global sales and revenue, Millennial Media. “Brands and agencies require insights and analytics to inform campaign decisions and target the right consumers with the right message. The AD LIFE platform is a comprehensive solution for bringing together mobile advertising and mobile marketing engagements.”

Millennial Media and Hipcricket also announced that they have agreed to dismiss with prejudice a lawsuit between them.

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