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Andrew Neale

NRF’s Annual Convention and EXPO 2014 is more than just a chance to build a business card collection — it’s a peek into the future of retail – or at least. so says Scala in a release earlier today entitled ‘What to expect from Scala at The Big Show‘.

It continued, “in the age of mobile technology, this is how Scala envisions the retail industry moving forward” (and we will liberally quote the press release from hereon).

This is Scala’s first booth of their own at the event…

The Digitally Connected Store

Scala helps retailers create and optimize immersive, relevant, and engaging experiences for the connected consumer.

Expanding on our historic expertise in digital communications, Scala connects retailer systems and data to all of the digital ‘screens’ in the store to create a cohesive experience. Further integrating mobile apps and emergent technologies like iBeacon, allows for a level of personalization previously only achievable in virtual environments.

What enables the Connected Store?

  • Geo-location technology. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technologies such as Apple’s iBeacon and other Near-Field Communication (NFC) systems enable marketers to detect a customer’s presence within the store and deliver personalized, contextual and timely experiences to those customers.
  • Mobile integration. Mobile devices and mobile apps have introduced the world to an unprecedented level of personalized engagement. A growing number of consumers carry devices within the store, which allows retailers to provide a greater experience within the store that was once only achievable online.
  • Digital Screens. Integrating Point-of-Sale (POS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, Scala can create dynamically generated content on all in-store screens such as electronic shelf labels, display monitors, and assisted selling devices.
  • Scala Advanced Analytics. Scala Advanced Analytics combs through data to find patterns and suggest optimized content for all of the touch points in the physical store. Depending on the customer’s data, a price change or relevant messaging can be dynamically displayed for stronger engagement. Scala Advanced Analytics is an iterative learning cycle that continuously improves and adapts based on trends and patterns in the data.
  • Shuttle Computer Group Players. For every great digital display, there’s a great player. Shuttle Computer Group’s DS61 digital signage players are a key element of Scala’s Connected Store at NRF 2014. As a Certified Scala Player, they have passed a gauntlet of rigorous testing to offer high compatibility and performance and are loaded with Scala player software.
  • Windows Embedded. Windows Embedded and Scala partner together to deliver Intelligent Systems that connect cutting edge technology with retailers’ data to personalize and optimize customer experience. Windows Embedded is an important component of Scala’s solutions at NRF including gesture control engagement and social media applications. We are excited to also be showing our Scala Fling as a beta test on a tablet running the new Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry OS.
  • Gesture Control. Progressing from the touch screens and displays that we’re accustomed to using, Gesture Control provides a fun, futuristic shopping experience. Customers can interact with digital displays featuring their favorite products by simply moving their hands.
  • Efficient Integration. The Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) is an integrated system-on-chip technology that eliminates the need for an external media player. It provides organizations with a streamlined, cost-effective solution to easily deliver dynamic content and messaging to their audience. Featuring a dual-core CPU, full codec video processor, and 4GB or 8GB of storage depending on the model, the Smart Signage Platform supports JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3, enabling the development of dynamic, customized signage solutions.

Scala will be on booth #750.

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