BPTV UK Trials to End Feb 2008

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

As you should know, Shell from its base in the Netherlands has an RFP out for digital signage at its forecourt shops and fuel pumps, but the folks who have been really experimenting with this medium (and to some extent pioneering it) are the folks at BP with a number of pilots in the UK.

BPTV (we hate the ‘catchy’ name but quite like the deployment – especially the store screen) has now been live at test sites in the UK for well over a year (since December 2006).

Following a successful first phase trial with two sites, BP rolled out the concept to a further 5 sites (7 sites in total) in order to validate the positive performance seen during phase one.

The concept sees a screen at every pump and one in store and the content (developed through customer research) is a mix of live news, traffic and weather (all except the news are regional) and monthly content consisting of advertising and promotional space for third-party brands, BP own shop promotions and editorial content. All third party branded advertising and promotional space we are told has been fully sold.

The current and FINAL test phase ends at the end of February 2008 which we think is a real shame. We are told that the screens will continue to run for a short time in March and April.

BP will be conducting a review and then decide on the future of BPTV – the review will incorporate sales and Nectar data along with some more customer research and site staff feedback.

If BP does decide to roll out BPTV to ALL of its UK forecourts then advertisers could reach up to 7 million customers a week so we personally hope that it is something that we do.

It will be sad if BPTV is not continued.

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