#dse2014 Delphi’s 2013 Revenue Up 30%

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Until I sat down and talked to Rick Kowalski last week at #dse2014, I didn’t realize just how big Delphi Display System actually is: sales in 30,000 locations in 50 countries.

Rick Kowalski

Rick Kowalski

And David Skinner, Delphi’s vice-president of sales, said, “2014 is starting out to be a phenomenal year for Delphi. We closed the books on 2013 with a 30% increase in revenue over a very strong sales year in 2012.”

Kowalski, Delphi’s vice-president marketing, spoke to me about the company’s order confirmation system which is its flagship product used by McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s, Jack in the Box, and numerous other QSRs.

At #dse2014, Kowalski was showing off Delphi’s new outdoor system for drive-throughs that including showing the customer’s order to the customers themselves, so that they can be sure of everything they ordered – similarly to the indoor confirmation of the order that the QSR staff sees.

“You know, 9% of drive-through orders are wrong,”
said Kowalski. “This fixes the problem.”

McDonald’s is already testing the system, and at least two other national brands have ordered it.

Kowalski said that multiple national QSR brands will be piloting its new Insight Engage Indoor Digital Menu System in locations around the country. Several national QSR brands have already installed the indoor digital menu system.

The complete Insight platform includes Delphi’s digital drive-thru menu system with Insight Verify embedded order confirmation, Insight Inform wireless headset solution, and Insight Track vehicle timing solution for speed-of-service optimization. Delphi’s Insight platform also includes a cloud-based robust content management and reporting capability that can scale from small multi-unit QSR brands to major chains with thousands of locations.

Delphi’s Insight Engage software platform is a new approach to enterprise management of digital content allowing the QSR operator to drive sales via an adaptive menu system with responsiveness and accuracy never before realized in the QSR business. Menus can be changed in one or many locations with 100% accuracy with a simple mouse click and done without the cost of printing, shipping and installation of printed menu materials. In addition, the system allows the multi-unit operator to target product, pricing, promotions and limited time offers to specific locations and micro day parts.

Kowalski says that Delphi, which uses Wireless Ronin for software management, this year plans a roll-out of both the indoor and outdoor systems, as well as its pump top displays for gas stations.

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