Refreshing The Parts Others Cannot Reach? @NECShowcase

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

If there was any ever doubt that NEC Display Solution’s Simon Jackson was absolutely super smart when it comes to clever venue selection for his annual UK NEC Solutions Showcase (there should be no doubt, his choice over the years has been inspired; Tobacco Dock in East London, Battersea Power Station, the O2 etc.), then folks should look no further than this year’s selection – The Velodrome, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park (on May 14 and 15, 2014) as being literally a few 100 metres (perhaps 10 to 15 minute walk max. depending on exact paths in the park now it’s re-opened) from a new East London tech cluster, which will be called Here East.

HereEast 2018

iCity, the organisation tasked with transforming the former press and broadcast centres at the London Olympic Park (into something) announced yesterday that the Here East tech cluster will house start-ups, corporations, universities, venture capital investors, and a new data centre.

It will span across three main buildings, containing over a million square feet of space that needs to be designed and developed.

It encompasses the 850,000 square foot former broadcast centre, the 300,000 square foot former press centre AND a 750 seat auditorium.

Whilst Here East will not open until 2018, I think we can safely say that putting the @NECShowcase in this part of London, really says something about our industry and what role NEC Display Solutions want to take in it. Maybe in 2018, the Showcase will be back – making use of that 750 seat auditorium!

You can register FREE for the NEC Showcase here.

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