i-conic images

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Last bit of news from Paris before we move on to all that is Amsterdam…

i-conic images is a newly formed content venture for Digital Out of Home. Take a look at there web site.

Similar, we think, to Bluefox (also from Paris) that we covered a few weeks ago and strongly suggested that if at Screen Expo Europe you visit their stand and also to (perhaps) the pioneer in this market, the BBC Motion Picture Gallery.

In this vein, you also of course have MotionStream based in New York.

There is probably some need for Pre-built content for digital out of home has. Its a business model not un-similar to many in the Internet dot com days and as long as these folks realise they are in the pure content delivery space and all that entails with low cost business model and IP delivery then several of them may do quite well.

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