Is The Wall Street Office Journal Network For Sale?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

If you haven’t guessed it yet (lack of tweets, NYC gossip, or quite simply we may have just met you – in which case you wouldn’t be ‘guessing’), the majority of the DailyDOOH team are stateside this week, freezing their proverbials off in a very chilly New York City.

As we’ve gone from meeting to meeting, building to building we must have seen Captivate in almost every building elevator.

We were almost definitely though, not in the right part of Manhattan to have witnessed any sightings of The Wall Street Journal Office Network BUT that didn’t stop us hearing rumours of an impending sale of said network.

Cynics might add that the WSJ Office network has been for sale for as long as one can remember, but this rumour had the word ‘impending’ stuck at the very front of it!

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