More on SignVine Funding For Non-Profits

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Unlike what we were originally were told for our earlier article on SignVine, Tradenet and Chris Ma do not own SignVine. So who does?

logo signvineWell, according to new information, we are now told that Tradenet does own Advantage and Vantage but that SignVine as a non-profit itself is run by a board of directors that controls the company. This Board sets the strategy and the course and policy.

We haven’t been able to find out who is on SignVine’s Board of Directors but we suspect that Ma might be a member. Ma and Paul Martin, project director, founded SignVine. It’s being funded and supported by its patrons early on until a revenue stream is established

However, Prongue assures us that SignVine is completely agnostic when it comes to the hardware used by non-profits that it deals with.

“We support all major manufacturers- Daktronics, Watchfire, Adaptive, whomever,”
says Prong. “Our interest is strictly in getting the non-profits the money they need to build their signs.”

As he told us earlier this week, “Most non-profits would already have talked to the hardware builders to get an idea of what money they need before even dealing with us to raise the funds they need.”

And, I must say that people who read the original article on SignVine who are attending the Scala Partner Conference all seem to think that SignVine is a great idea. (In fact, I think a couple of them wish they’d thought of the idea first.)

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