#APC2014 Tom Nix “a Tsunami of Data”

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

“There’s a tsunami of data out there,” said Tom Nix, Scala CEO, at last week’s Scala America Partner Conference in Austin, Texas. “What was collected in the year of 2003, is now produced in two days.”

IFNoting that companies have to learn to deal with data, Nix said that Scala wants to help its partners to support and create the business case; provide innovative retail applications; leverage talented people; and obtain a good ROI for maximized, optimized campaigns.

“Digital marketers that own ecommerce are leading the omnichannel efforts.”

“When you buy from more than one channel, you’ll buy 40% more than the single channel shopper.”

“In retail, you are either a religion (like Apple), a community hub (like Starbucks or Tim Hortons) or a commodity (like Costco.)”

“The biggest opportunity for Scala is in fashion and footwear. The high ends of these are investing.”

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