Best Sessions at #Connect2014…

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The best sessions by far at #Connect2014 are the lone wolves up on stage (regular readers will know our aversion to panel sessions or roundtables).

We especially liked…

  • Tim Nolan, Senior VP Marketing Creative and Brand Strategy, Lifetime Networks who showed why the TV Networks under his creative control loved outdoor advertising. My main takeaway from his speech was how he felt that Outdoor added to ‘Blog and Trade and Fan Engagement’ which increased the power of his marketing spend many fold. He gave plenty of examples of campaigns where ‘talent’ (the actors on his programming) tweeted on same and several where TV chat shows had picked up on the uniqueness of his outdoor promotions. It was the sort of presentation that should be required listening to all media planners out there!
  • Suzanne Grimes, President and COO, Clear Channel Outdoor North America gave solid reasoning why the US industry should get behind #ArtEveryWhereUS (nice mentions on stage as well for technology partners Ayuda Media Systems and Blippar 0- demonstrating why pro bono work can pay so well). Suzanne admitted that initially she was not personally convinced about #ArtEveryWhereUS but was swayed by how successful London had been with the original Art Everywhere initiative. She then played TV footage of the US view on same. As we say to our US readers #LondonIsThePlaceToBe 😉

London’s original take on Art Everywhere here and North America here

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