AOPEN nTAKE Deployment

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

A restaurant chain in Mexico has improved ambiance and created excitement with the deployment of AOPEN’s nTAKE Digital Menu Board solution.

IFAlong with supplying delicious food and fresh baked goods, the combination of Santo Gallo and Pastelerías Esperanza, with the help of P&J Congress Design and its alliance with P&P Sistemas y Marketing, have deployed AOPEN nTAKE Digital Menu Board solutions in several restaurants across Mexico.

The objective of increasing sales using digital menu boards was helped
by displaying dynamic content that invited customers to try new menu items. Of course, it also helped streamline processes by assisting customers in placing orders.

Identifying the challenges and creating a strategy, P&J Congress Design and P&P Sistemas y Marketing used AOPEN nTAKE Digital Menu Board solutions to help bring a modern look and improved features for engaging with customers and increase sales.

With multiple locations across the country, a streamlined approach of synchronizing content from headquarters was needed. Although networking infrastructure may be limiting in some areas, Internet connections were available in each location. Various solutions were evaluated for the wide range of requirements desired: the solution needed to be highly versatile, easy to use, and installation required valuable support during deployment.

Santo Gallo and Pastelerías Esperanza needed to enlist experts that understood technology and could support functionality in a digital menu board solution that needed to incorporate the ability of highlighting both promotional content and corporate branding.

In a collaborative effort overseen by Adrián Fernández, renowned director of IT, P&J Congress Design and P&P Sistemas y Marketing installed AOPEN nTAKE Digital Menu Board solutions into the first few locations of Santo Gallo and Pastelerías Esperanza around Mexico.

IFAOPEN nTAKE Digital Menu Board solutions was chosen for its robust reputation built for continuous operation and low failure rate.

Added to these was the simplicity of plug and go design.

AOPEN nTAKE Digital Menu Board solutions provided quick deployment, allowing restaurants to focus on producing quality products.

“AOPEN provided excellent support throughout the deployment, including stability throughout for maximum uptime with minimal disruption to business,” says César Pañafox, general manager, P&J Design Congress.

Although the networking infrastructure may be considered lackluster in some regions, with Internet connections at each store, AOPEN nTAKE Digital Menu Boards solutions provided Santo Gallo and Pastelerías Esperanza with a cost effective solution in synchronizing content to their digital menu boards. By streamlining content, Santo Gallo and Pastelerías Esperanza were able to significantly reduce costly expenses involved with printing monthly promotional posters.

Santo Gallo and Pastelerías Esperanza have been delighting senses for years throughout Mexico. Pastelerías Esperanza offers great wide variety of confectionery, bakery and pastries, canapés and snacks, special events and specials of the month. It also fills a variety of orders for cafes, restaurants, hotels, and more with highest quality bake goods and pastries at competitive prices. A unique combination, Santo Gallo rotisserie chicken restaurants are adjacent to each Pastelerías Esperanza locations offering a convenient opportunity for a complete meal with desert right next door.

P&J Congress Design is a service company specializing in the organization and management of conferences, exhibitions and corporate events with national coverage.

P&P Sistemas y Marketing focuses on the development of applications and tools to evolve and take full advantage of traditional business processes, including increase in productivity and improvement in customer knowledge and relationships. It offers content management, online marketing, and project development.

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