TELUS @PlayTaxiMedia Partnership Gives Taxi Passengers A Free Boost

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

If your mobile device battery is dead and you have no way to power up, maybe it’s time to take a cab.

play_taxi_mediaIn partnership with Play Taxi Media, TELUS is unveiling the first-ever fleet of taxis in Canada featuring cell phone and tablet chargers. Rolling out over the coming months in 1,000 cabs, Canadian taxi-goers in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver will be able to power up their devices free of charge, while on-the-go.

“It’s Murphy’s Law that your device battery will die right when you seem to need it the most,” says Anne-Marie Laberge, vice-president of brand and marketing communications at TELUS. “We’ve all been there – running late for a dinner date with friends or in between meetings when your phone dies before an important conference call. Our in-taxi chargers are just one way that we’re working to put customers first – they offer a simple convenience that will go a long way in making their lives easier and more connected.”

Taxis will be equipped with a power docking station located on the reverse of the passenger seat headrest and will work with any phone or tablet. It’s as simple as docking your device, sitting back and enjoying the ride. And cabs will also be equipped with a note on the window to remind customers to grab their

“I am asked multiple times every day by customers if I can charge their phone phone before they go.for them,” says Angelo Georgilas, Toronto taxi owner and driver. “Sometimes they have conference calls in the cab and need a charge. Now they can actually get one in the backseat.”

Zachary Killam, CEO, Play Taxi Media, says, ”From the late-night crowd trying to meet friends, to business professionals who need to jump on a conference call, phone charging stations in taxis are a great solution to this common predicament.”

The in-taxi device chargers will be available through 2015 with Blacktop & Checker Cabs in Vancouver, Mayfair Taxi in Calgary, Ambassador Taxis in Toronto and Taxi Union in Montreal. The program will grow to include additional taxi companies over the coming months.

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