A Solid Way To Get Tracking Data

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Outdoor Broadcast Network, Toronto, has teamed up with Zip.ca in a unique and creative partnership between large format out-of-home digital screens and mobile texting.

zip-video-boardA new campaign in Greater Toronto by Outdoor Broadcast Network provides tracking data for digital out-of- home while providing consumers with an exclusive offer for free video rentals through zip.ca

The creative on six OBN video boards invites viewers to text a key word to a mobile short code. Seconds later, they receive a text back with an exclusive promo code they can use to redeem at the Zip.ca Web site, offering them a 30-day free trial for movie rentals delivered to their door by Zip.ca.

Zip.ca ordinarily provides DVD rentals delivered to a subscriber’s door for a monthly membership fee. (The company is the Canadian answer to the well-known American service, Netflix.) Originally launched in 2004 in Ottawa, zip.ca now runs several highly automated distribution centers in Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa, and Toronto. The company offers an extensive, and growing, DVD library of more than 72,000 titles and provides members with 24/7 online convenience for creating and managing their own personal ZipLists of must-see movies, television shows, music videos and other video selections.

“This is our first large scale offline media launch in the Toronto market, and we are very excited about growing this market and about using outdoor digital media to create awareness,” says Curt Millar, CEO of Zip.ca. “We have worked closely with OBN on this dynamic campaign and we look forward to building on this partnership.”

The target audience reaches across all age groups including young starters (24 to 35, tech savvy, starting their careers and families), midlife families (36 to 49, living their lives, working, looking for family time activities), boomers (50+) and movie geeks (love movies, want lots of selection).

“The idea for this came from our sales team who approached zip.ca,” says Peter Irwin, OBN president. “It’s the first time that we’ve run an interactive texting campaign with results tracking.”

Jambo Mobile is providing the technical components for the sms program. (Jambo Mobile Solutions Inc. joined forces with Silverback Media PLC in Jan./09.) The campaign runs until April 26/09.

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