In-Store TV Next Popular After Internet

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Very interesting Nordic retail outlet survey shows that In-store TV is the next most popular medium for retail advertising after the Internet!

A survey among marketing managers in Nordic retail stores a month or so ago showed that in-store TV is the advertising medium, that next after the Internet, is forecast as achieving the fastest growth in the next few years.

Retailing chains are also convinced that the use of Digital Signage is a factor in increasing retail sales. Swedish retailers are particularly positive where as large a proportion as 60% believes that Digital Signage results in a noticeable increase in sales of goods that receive exposure on the displays in shops.

The survey was based on telephone interviews of marketing managers at the head offices of 120 Nordic retail chains.

Johan Anselmsson, Doctor of Economics at the School of Economics and Management at the University of Lund, who was responsible for the formulation and analysis of the survey told us “This is the first official measurement of the knowledge and attitudes to Digital Signage within the retail chains. Earlier surveys have focused on purchasing patterns and in-store experience”

The survey (initiated by ZetaDisplay AB) showed that 43% of the marketing managers were of the opinion that Digital Signage would show growth in the forthcoming three years, which means that in terms of growth this medium has the next highest expectations after retail advertising via the Internet, which 90% believed would increase.

The result is plainly higher than for other media, where the most important are traditional TV advertising, direct mailing and outdoor advertising.

Altogether 34% thought that Digital Signage would perhaps be an interesting prospect for their own businesses.

If one adds to that those who thought it fairly or very probable that they would themselves employ Digital Signage within three years, as much as 54% would have Digital Signage within three years.

Leif Liljebrunn, Vice President of ZetaDisplay AB told us “The survey confirms the increasing interest in Digital Signage within the retail sector. Many who participated in the survey were aware of the investment by ICA based on our platform and see it as successful”

A central question in the survey asked what direct effects do retailers think that the new medium can offer in stores.

Johan Anselmsson continued “People in Sweden are particularly well disposed to Digital Signage. Whilst the average across all the Nordic countries is 20% who believe that the total retail sales can be increased considerably with the aid of Digital Signage, the equivalent figure for Sweden is 27%. When it comes to sales campaigns for specific items, 44% of the marketing managers are convinced that Digital Signage can provide a considerable increase in sales. However even here Sweden comes to the fore, where as many as 60% believe the media increases sales of the exposed goods”

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