PlayNetwork Acquire Channel M

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We wrote only 4 weeks ago that “we think the industry can expect a hell of a lot more from PlayNetwork” and voila here you have it, with PlayNetwork announcing their intent to acquire Channel M – mind you that is just the start as we expect them to be going great guns in Europe soon as well!

The newly combined entity will be branded PlayNetwork and will be focused on selling a comprehensive brand package of Music, Messaging, Video Media, Systems Integration, and Advertising and Entertainment related services.

Resulting from the integration of Channel M’s assets, PlayNetwork will expand the company’s reach to serve more than 185 brands, including 25 global brands, with 65,000 locations in 60 countries.

Lon Troxel, Chairman and CEO, PlayNetwork told us “Today marks a significant day in PlayNetwork’s history as we take another major step towards achieving our corporate vision of delivering the total brand experience”

He added “PlayNetwork and Channel M share this common goal and together we help make this vision a reality by combining our complementary music, messaging and video media services with Channel M’s rich video content production and advertising services. Combined, we will be delivering total media experiences for the most discerning brands in traditional and non-traditional markets.

PlayNetwork will of course continue to benefit from the strong backing of current investors, Chartwell Capital Management, Talon Asset Management, and Joshua Green Corporation while adding additional investor interests from Vintage Fund Management, Ascend Venture Group and Intel Capital.

Effective upon closing, Darryl Wash, Managing Partner from Ascend Venture Group will join PlayNetwork’s Board of Directors.

Channel M founders, David Teichner and Eric Hebel, will join PlayNetwork’s Executive Management Team as EVP of Business Development and Channel M Advertising Services and SVP of Creative Media Services, respectively.

Peter Lee, CEO, Channel M told us “Channel M has proven effective at increasing brand awareness, influencing perceptions and driving sales. Our offering, merged with PlayNetwork’s powerful music, messaging and video media managed services, establishes a true brand innovator and pioneer in the industry,”

He also added “We are thrilled to have found a partner that will maintain the value of our offering while enhancing the services with their own first class total brand experience.”

The company will maintain offices in Redmond, Wa., Sherman Oaks, Ca., New York and Chicago. The acquisition is scheduled to close on October 30, 2009.

Think back to our post in May 2008 where we ranked PlayNetwork the number 1 global music provider!

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