PlayNetwork Does Drugs

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We think the industry can expect a hell of a lot more from PlayNetwork, a business that we rated number 1 back in May 2008 in our post on Top 10 Music Providers. There have been a couple of announcements from them that have sort-of set the scene on what to expect and this news that Bartell Drugs has tapped them to deliver music and messaging services to enhance their In-Store Experience is interesting on a number of levels.

Basically Bartell Drugs has selected PlayNetwork as its partner for providing music and messaging services to the company`s newest locations as it expands upon its current base to 57 stores across the greater Seattle/Puget Sound area.

Bartell Drugs, the US’s oldest family owned drugstore chain selected PlayNetwork we are told based on its unparalleled expertise in creating custom music programming and targeted messages.

Bartell Drugs will also leverage PlayNetwork’s Serenade’s message insertion capabilities; with just a few simple clicks, Bartell Drugs will now be able to distribute promotional and brand messages to its customers at the store level.

The Service has already been rolled out in two of three new Bartell locations – the Lake Serene store in Lynnwood, WA and the Mill Creek store in Bothell, WA and will be rolled out to the new Issaquah, WA location later this month, with additional locations to follow.

Rebecca Siegmund, Assistant Vice President of Marketing, Bartell Drugs. told us “As a company dedicated to providing the best service and experience to our clientele, we are excited to work with the team at PlayNetwork to provide an even more personalized, engaging experience in each of our new stores”

Craig Hubbell, Executive Vice President, Media Services, Sales and Marketing for PlayNetwork told us “Bartell is a great example of a company at the forefront of delivering value and service to its customers. By deploying Serenade, Bartell continues to innovate in its ability to deliver personalized, relevant and timely information to its loyal customer base,”

He added “Through this strategic partnership with PlayNetwork, Bartell has the ability to engage consumers on a personal level inside its stores with messaging and music programming that extends their brand and their longstanding commitment to personalized service.”

About PlayNetwork

Established in 1996, Redmond, Washington-based PlayNetwork, Inc. is an integrated media services leader for businesses worldwide. PlayNetwork provides branded video (digital signage), audio (music and messaging), entertainment media, audio/video systems, and professional services that deliver compelling experiences for retail, hospitality, health and fitness, retail banking and other businesses. The XM for Business service is now managed by PlayNetwork through a new strategic relationship with XM Satellite Radio.

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